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Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Mediterranean Fish Wraps with Crispy Battered Fish are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious weeknight meal.

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This past week, we decided to try a some Mediterranean flavors with these Mediterranean Fish Wraps.  Lately, I have been trying to mix up our dinners a bit to get some different flavors.  We often end up with chicken of beef, but I’ve mixed it up with ground lamb and fish lately too.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Pairing Gorton’s Seafood Crispy Battered Fish Fillets with a few delicious Mediterranean flavor makes the perfect dinner outside the box.  Gorton’s Seafood provides you with 100% real fish fillets that are ready to go in 8 minutes.  That’s right, just 8 minutes and dinner is ready to make.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

The best part?  My kids LOVED these too.  I let them add their toppings to the wrap so they had some flexibility and allows them choices for dinner too.  I have found this to be a great way to get my kids excited about dinner, which helps me deal with picky eaters.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Do you have picky eaters?  My husband will literally eat anything, but my kids are a whole other ballgame.  Each of them were super great eaters as babies.  Then, as they got older they have become picky eaters.  My son has texture issues.  He’s super specific with textures.  My daughter is a little more open about foods than he is, but she has her moments too.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

The great thing is though, they all love crispy battered fish.  They love fish in general, so we have it at least once or twice a week.  I can’t complain when they take less than 10 minutes.  I’d be happy with fish every single night!

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Of course, not only where these very tasty, they were also beautiful too.  They are perfect for dinner parties or hosting guests.  I promise your guests will never know that these beautiful Mediterranean Fish Wraps only took you less than 10 minutes to make.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Make Mediterranean Fish Wraps

We wrapped them up in warm flour tortillas full of sprouts, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, Red onions, and black beans. Instead of using a sauce for the flour tortilla, simply coat it with a nice coat of olive oil.  This can even be just a spray of olive oil too with the olive oil spray.  That’s my personal favorite.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

A sprinkle of Mediterranean Seasoning is the perfect way to garnish these fish wraps.  If you prefer a homemade blend, it is easy to make this Mediterranean Spice Rub.

It’s time now for a quick, weeknight meal.  These Mediterranean Fish Wraps are the best choice for a quick, delicious meal.

Mediterranean Fish Wraps

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Mediterranean Fish Wraps

Make these Mediterranean Fish Wrap in less than 10 minutes with delicious Mediterranean inspired flavors.

Yield: 6

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 10 Minutes

Total Time: 20 Minutes


  • 6 Gorton's Seafood Crispy Battered Fish Fillets
  • 6 Flour Tortillas
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • Mediterranean Seasoning
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Black Beans
  • Sprouts
  • Feta Cheese


  1. Prepare the Gorton's Seafood Crispy Battered Fish Fillets as instructed on the package.
  2. While these are in the oven, prep the remaining ingredients.  These will simply need to be the amount you plan to use for the wraps.
  3. Warm each tortilla for about 30 seconds in the microwave.
  4. Spray with a coat of olive oil spray.
  5. Add a fish fillet to each tortilla.
  6. Add the toppings you prefer.
  7. Wrap it up and serve.

Amounts will vary based on how much you prefer on your wrap.

Now, it’s time to enjoy!

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Mediterranean Fish Wraps


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