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Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans

Dinner can be rough sometimes, do you ever feel this way?  The great thing is there are so many Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans!  Over the past many years, I have always enjoyed following along with Tiffany from Eat at Home Cooks.

These are affiliate links, I am however genuinely excited to share this with you.  I think it’s a great fit for those that use the recipes on Mommy Hates Cooking too.

Over the past few years, she started to offer Meal Plans Subscriptions, that are perfect for those needing meals each week without having to look up recipes or build a grocery list.

I am actually pretty anxious to start using these myself too.  It is a bit tricky since I have to do my own recipes a lot too; however, I have so many evenings too where I would love to try other recipes outside of my own too for my family.  There are just so many fabulous recipes out there and sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of your own recipes all the time.

I have signed up though and am ready to get some new recipes hitting our table this upcoming week!

What I love about the plans she offers, is that if you like the recipes I share, then you will love hers too.  She does quick, simple recipes with basic ingredients as well.  They are super tasty and family friendly!

That leads me to her great Meal Plans.

Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans

Types of Meal Plans

  • Traditional Plan
  • Wholesome Traditional Plan
  • Slow Cooker Plan
  • No Sugar No Flour Plan

There are 4 great options, likely you’ll find exactly what you are looking for there.  What’s so great about it?

With your membership, you actually get access to all FOUR menu plans!  That’s right, you have access to all of it.  She even does Instant Pot Recipes too, you can sign up now for that one for FREE.

Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans

I’m thinking of doing a challenge soon too and see how many of us can eat at home for dinner for 15 days in a ROW!  Think you can do it?!  Think of all the money you could save too!

Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans

What comes with the menu plan?

  • 15 Minute Meals for those SUPER busy nights
  • Traditional, Slow Cooker & Wholesome Traditional plans – you get access to ALL four plans!
  • Access to the entire month at once so you can plan ahead and shop minimize your shopping trips!
  • Small family (3-4 servings) and large family (6-8 servings) plan sizes lets you avoid waste (or cook for leftovers!)
  • 1 Hour Freezer Stash Plans – a new plan each month to stock your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour for the ultimate in time-saving meal prep
  • Color-coded grocery lists make it easy to swap out ingredients or whole meals
  • Printable recipes for easy cooking
  • Printable menus to hang on the fridge or near your calendar, so you (and your family) can easily see what’s for dinner
  • Instant pot instructions included for many meals in each of our plans!

She also has a full refund policy if you aren’t satisfied, so you are covered!

I am anxious to get started and expand my dinner options too, are you?

Easy Dinner Solutions with Meal Plans

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