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Who is Mommy Hates Cooking?

Hey there! I am Kristy, the girl behind Mommy Hates Cooking. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, now I have a little slice of country in Oklahoma that I share with my husband and our two kids. My husband is a truck driver, which happens to be what he loves. All things heavy machinery and big trucks…that’s his thing! Our kids are complete opposites, one of our kids would like to spend 100% of his time in a library and the other one dreams of owning her own doughnut truck and baking all day.

We have a mix of hobbies and things we love to do but being together is our favorite one!

Mommy Hates Cooking? But? Don’t you cook all the time?


Most of us have come to a point in time where we say to ourselves, “I hate cooking!” I’m sure most of the time it tends to be when we are trying to balance a family plus work and so on, right? I mean when you get home from school and immediately it’s time to get homework done before heading out to football practice or dance class, when exactly do you cook? Most of us live very busy lives and there just isn’t even enough time in the day to cook a decent meal. That’s the dilemma I was running into. I realized that it wasn’t that I hated cooking, it was that I had NO time to actually cook.

What’s the problem in that?

Our family is the MOST important part of our life, those in our household, those that we share a meal with…that’s what matters.

I set out on a journey to teach myself to cook, which ultimately led me to realize that so many were in the same boat that I was, it wasn’t necessarily a hatred of cooking but it was a lack of time. Now, I’ve set out to share recipes that are both simple and delicious to help get your family back around the dinner table again.

I know for most of us eating around the dinner table is a long lost art, but I HATE that…I really do HATE that! That small little pocket of time during the day to just unplug and have face to face interaction with your family is vital to our design as human beings. We need that interaction, we need to hear about each others day…not just be wrapped in our own.

So I get ask all the time, “do you really hate cooking?”

The answer –

Not now. I started out on this journey to teach myself to cook so that I could feed my family delicious meals. In the midst of that I found that it wasn’t that I hated cooking, it was that I hated not having time to be the mom that feeds her family homemade meals and sits around the table spending time with them.

I longed for that.

Now, I hope that you are able to set aside at least one day out of the week to share a homemade or even semi-homemade meal with your family, around the table, without the distractions of the society we live in.

When you get done discussing the day and enjoying that food…all those distractions, all those social media post and conversations, will still be there waiting for you. I promise!

Enjoy those you love in real life, face to face, and I am certain you will find immeasurable joy. I hope that the recipes I share will at the very least help give you some ideas of meals that you too can share with your family.

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