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Christmas Sugar Cookies

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sugar cookies

Have you been in a baking frenzy?  Making dozens and dozens of cookies?  I have been!  So, when I was contacted by C & H Sugar to try out their Cookie Starter then use it in a cookie recipe, I was happy to help!  The cookie starter is basically like a baking mix but for cookies.  Also, if you do make the cookie starter, be sure to enter the C & H Contest on Facebook!

sugar cookies

This starter can be made in advanced then stored in the freezer or fridge in an airtight container for several months!  It also makes 10 cups!  Friends, that is a lot of cookies!  It’s basically like having your base for the cookies already made then you just add in what you need for the specific type you are baking.

sugar cookies

As you can see the starter mix is very easy and all the directions are right here for you.  I made this up quickly and then stored 6 cups of it in the freezer, the other 4 I am going to share with you in a recipe today!

sugar cookies

Let’s get started on these delicious cookies that we made!  I made these using the starter then adding a few extra ingredients.  This recipe made about 5 dozen.  We rolled and cut our cookies then decorated them for Santa.  They turned out delicious and one bite was just not enough.

I adapted this recipe from a cookie recipe I had in an old book with the C & H Cookie Starter.  The original recipe says to roll to 1/8 inch thickness; however, I had the best luck with 1/4 inch thickness.  They are very soft and chewy, which is what I love!

Let’s take a look at our baking journey.

c & H Sugar

There was a lot of cutting involved, this dough goes a long way!

sugar cookies

My son pulled his chair up to the counter and went to town cutting out cookies too.  Although, I think he liked the dough more.  I am not a dough eater, I know many are…but I just can’t get passed the raw eggs!  Ewww!

Let’s get back to cutting!  I was helping him line up his cookie cutter.

sugar cookies

My husband loves this picture of my hand, he took it.  Notice the ring…I forgot to take off my ring!  Let’s just say it will be getting cleaned this week!

Now, we baked our cookies and it was time to decorate.  My son ate more cookies than he decorated!

That little glimmer in his hair, that’s more sprinkles that he sprinkled in his hair.  He wanted to decorate himself too!

Our initials courtesy of my husband.  I will never be a good cookie decorator, but making them is so much fun!  I can make beautiful drop cookies, so I will stick with those; however, I have to say I am beyond impressed with the C&H Cookie Starter.  I’ll be using this starter for many years to come as it’s simple to prepare in advance!  That just means less stress for all of us busy families!

I hope you have a wonderful day making all those cookies for Santa!

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Disclosure:  C&H Sugar compensated me for supplies to make the cookie starter.  All the thoughts, opinions, and my love for it are my own!

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2 Responses to “Christmas Sugar Cookies”

  1. Cariposted December 22, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Wow… great idea! I’m gonna try this out! Thanks!


  2. Pattiposted December 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Thanx for sharing. I’ll be trying it, too.

    In a side note: You might want to rethink your choice of allowing your beautiful baby to eat raw cookie dough containing eggs. Salmonella poisoning is an ugly thing. There are numerous articles available that describe the symptoms, but seeing my brother go through it when he was only five-years-old was my teacher.


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