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Judgment Free Generation® at Planet Fitness

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It’s time to get back in shape and get to the right start for the New Year, what better way to do that then by going to the Judgment Free Generation® at Planet Fitness! This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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As a kid, I struggled with my weight; I mean honestly I still struggle with it. I think I’ve grown to accept it more, and these days I’m focusing more on eating healthy, exercising, and not worrying about the scale because honestly being healthy in general is the most important thing, right?

There is really not a time in my childhood at least that I can remember, where I wasn’t overly aware of my weight and ashamed of it. I was made fun of in elementary school mostly because I was chunky. I rarely took pictures either then, so it’s rare to find very many with me in them, but I was chunky. It wasn’t really an overly unhealthy chunky, but that time of life where you are going through so many changes as a girl it’s almost like your body can’t keep up. Once I hit junior high the weight sort of evened out and everything was proportioned; however, in my eyes I was still chunky and those comments about my weight still haunt me to this day. I would sit in the dressing rooms with my mom and cry because I couldn’t fit into the clothes that I desperately wanted to fit in and then at that day and age they didn’t have lengths of jeans for us shorter girls, nothing fit right…ever!

I feel horrible saying this, but when I see my daughter each day, she looks exactly like me and all I can think is I pray she loves her body that God gave her and is never ashamed like I was and still struggle with. The thing is bullying is real, it happens every single day on a variety of levels and even the subtle comments that maybe aren’t as severe, sting. Words hurt. As a parent, I’m striving to teach my child to be judgment free, and to realize that we are all created differently and there is no shame in any of that. We should be comfortable in our own skin.

Right now, I’m happy to stand behind Planet Fitness and The Judgment Free Generation® initiative. They are hoping that it will help educated and give back to local communities as well. They are committing 1.3 Million in grants and donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and STOMP out Bullying to fund this initiative.

We live nearby a Planet Fitness and as a member there for many years, I have to say their staff is unbelievably kind and not once did I feel judged or looked down upon, it was a breathe of fresh air to walk into a gym and be able to just focus on getting my own self healthy.

Not only that but they even offer a Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday to their members too, how fun is that? They believe that You Belong® and that there are to be No egos®. I can relax, be me, and get in the zone there to really focus on my own health outside of comments.

Have you tried Planet Fitness? I encourage you to take part and join their initiative, hopefully together we can help burn out the flame and shame that bullying brings on.

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