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Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

Strawberry sauce for angel food cake will make you so happy spring and summer are on their way. You’ll be layering this sweet sauce on just about every dessert you can think of!

Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

Valentine’s Day is behind us and now it’s time to think spring. When I think of spring and summer, immediately my mind goes to the garden. This year we are planting a garden again after a year break.

Last year was a good break from the garden for us, but I am so anxious to have my own produce again. I’m also anxious to have fresh strawberries growing in my own backyard too.

Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

I am hoping to make a lot of home grown meals this summer, between raising chickens now and hopefully getting several eggs, to having all our own produce too. Now, the best parts, though are those juicy strawberries that I can just walk outside and pick, or for us, it usually means our kids will be out there picking them. They really enjoy that, until they see a bug… what can I say, they are definitely my kids.

I decided to try a delicious strawberry sauce for angel food cake over the weekend that I’m even more anxious to make again with fresh strawberries this summer. This sauce can be used over angel food cake or over an ice cream sundae too, even shortcake. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

This recipe is so simple, all you need are strawberries, sugar, a little bit of cornstarch, vanilla, and of course some water. This is actually a sauce that would be good to have your kids make alongside of you, assuming they are old enough.

It’s a good recipe to learn because you can make a variety of recipes out of it, for instance blueberry sauce. I’ll have fresh blueberries and blackberries this summer too. I may just need to have a party; don’t you think?

Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

One thing that will come in very handy for this is to use a mesh strainer once you have your sauce boiled well, it will allow you to get all the juice out without extra seeds.

Now are you ready for a bite of this strawberry sauce for angel food cake? It’s time!

Strawberry Sauce for Angel Food Cake

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  1. Melissa @ Served Up With Loveposted April 18, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Oh I can’t wait for those wonderful fresh berries to start making their way into my life. I love this recipe and can’t wait to make it.


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