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Our Bathroom Update & Cottonelle Care Routine

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It’s not every day that I’m talking about toilet paper or a Cottonelle Care Routine; however, I thought this would work perfect since we just updated our bathroom.

When we moved into our house the first thing I saw was the wallpaper that would just have to go; however, the bathroom wallpaper was manageable at least until I had time to pull it down.  Finally…THREE years later, I pulled down the wallpaper in the bathroom and redid it!  Of course, my son helped over the years.  The wallpaper in that bathroom was ripped and torn then put on the wall to make it like a torn paper look.  It wasn’t bad unless you had a toddler running around that ripped it off!  I guess on the bright side that just made the removal process much easier!

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Cottonelle Care Routine

(The before is on the left, the other two are the after pictures.  Unfortunately this is the room in the home with no natural light!)

One of the things that we hated about this bathroom in particular was the pedestal sink.  Don’t get me wrong, pedestal sinks are beautiful…but not so much in the master bathroom.  I had no room!  We came from a tiny house with a tiny bathroom and we had just updated that bathroom before we moved to get more room on the vanity.  So, when I saw the pedestal sink my heart sunk…I had no room…again!

What else did we not have room for?  Storing toilet paper!  I’m a neat freak and I don’t like clutter.  I can handle it if I can’t see it but if I see it that just makes me want to clean more.

Cottonelle Care Routine

So, leaving it out somewhere was not an option and we had no storage or shelves in this bathroom so where was toilet paper to go?  We ended up storing it in our guest bathroom in the HUGE vanity that’s in that bathroom!  This started our toilet paper dilemma.

Cottonelle Care Routine

Luckily, we fixed that over the past week we redid our bathroom for less than $200!  A few simple updates like a new vanity that I happened to pick up an antique store plus a mirror also bought at an antique store then a few accessories.  The most expensive part was the sink and fixtures which I found on Amazon!  That gave us a quick an easy update…but the best part…it has a shelf underneath!

Cottonelle Care Routine

This will be our toilet paper storage underneath then I am planning to get some burlap to do a curtain style treatment to hide it all!  Remember that seeing clutter thing?  Of course…this is organized!

Cottonelle Care Routine

So that means toilet paper storage and Cottonelle Care Routine to the rescue!  I went to Target this past week to pick up a few more little accessories for our bathroom along with Cottonelle.  It was an exciting day to find that I could buy 2 packages of Cottonelle and get a free flushable cleansing wipes dispenser.

Why is this so important?  First, I’m a cloth diapering mama…need I say more about having flushable wipes?

Cottonelle Care Routine

Next, I want to keep our bathroom clean and with a 4 year old that’s hard at times, with these wipes I can quickly wipe around the toilet or on the floor and do a quick clean then just flush the wipe and the bathroom is sparkling clean again.  That’s perfect for quick cleaning!

Cottonelle Care Routine

So, we decided to store our wipes right by the toilet paper that way we can easily use them when needed for quick cleaning!

The Cottonelle Care Routine added the final touch to complete our bathroom update!

Now, I’m off to figure out this burlap treatment to cover up all my toilet paper!

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Happy Friday!

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  1. Brandiposted August 2, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    LOVE the new bathroom! It’s super cute, Kristy!


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