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10 Smoothie Recipes

It’s time to sit back and sip on a delicious smoothie with these 10 Smoothie Recipes.  There are also a few affiliate links in this post.

10 Smoothie Recipes

From peanut butter to orange and strawberry, we all have a favorite smoothie, don’t we?  Of course, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint just one because all of them are so good!

This week, I’m teaming up with several food bloggers to share with you 10 Delicious Smoothie Recipes.

One thing that I’ve found to work well over the years is to make big batches of smoothies.  Then, I store them in these Freezer Jars.  Once I get up in the morning, I sit one of the Freezer Jars out on the counter while I get ready.  Then, when I come back it’s slightly defrosted and ready to serve.  I like to do this with my own smoothies as well as smoothies for the kids.

10 Smoothie Recipes

I’ve gotten out of this habit a bit lately, but I’m planning to use some of these recipes to stock my freezer back up again with smoothies.  One good tip is to make a big batch on your day off, for instance a Sunday.  Then, you can have them for the full week, then make another batch the next Sunday.  I also like to vary up my smoothies although the one I’m sharing in this post is one of my favorites that is featured in the “Best 100 Juices for Kids” cookbook.

My kids love smoothies and it’s such a great way to get in some good nutrients too.  I like to add extras to mine too like oats as well.  What do you add to yours?

Do you have a favorite smoothie?  I’d love to hear what your favorite is.  Be sure to scroll through and find a few new ones to try too.  I have a feeling you can’t go wrong with these recipes.

10 Smoothie Recipes

Almond Joy Smoothie
A Dash of Sanity

Healthy Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Self Proclaimed

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie
Love Bakes Good Cakes

Wild Blueberry Smoothie
Foodie Gracious

Tropical Green Smoothie
From Val's

Orange Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Tried and Tasty

Cherry Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie
Wine & Glue

Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bar Smoothie
Eazy Peazy

Orange Cream Smoothie
Mommy Hates Cooking

Layered Strawberry Banana Smoothie


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