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Weekly Menu Plan – Week of March 11th

It’s time for a Weekly Menu Plan that is full of simple recipes!

Oven Baked Steak Fajitas

Do you have spring break soon?  I know it’s a bit different for different parts of the country.  We will actually be on spring break next week.  I think ours is usually about a week or more sooner than most.  It’s always a pain sometimes too because many times certain places aren’t open yet for the season during our spring break.  In the meantime though, I’m in the middle of planning that and a menu plan too!

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I am intentionally planning a very low key spring break.  We have no real plans to do much outside of things around town, then my husband was able to get a few days off to just relax and spend time with us.  I honestly would love to get my yard back in shape.

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We have moles so bad in our yard, that it’s like a land mine back there.  It’s awful, plus with our new puppy, she digs for those moles even more so there are huge holes everywhere!  Considering that we are hosting Easter in just a few weeks, we have got to get our yard back in shape.  That’s my biggest plan for spring break, I’m sure my kids are just going to love that, right?

Thankfully, I think they need some time at home just as much as we do.  It’s been a busy few months, really since about November and we are finally getting to a slow down, which is very nice.

Now, are you ready for a menu?  Let’s get to it!

Weekly Menu Plan


Oven Baked Beef Steak Fajitas


Chicken Noodle Soup


Maple Cinnamon Chicken


Easy Tangy Meatloaf


Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad


Sloppy Joe Nachos


Grilled Corn Salsa Brats

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Weekly Menu Plan

Enjoy this week’s menu plan!

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