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Weekly Menu Plan – Week of April 15th

It’s time to get ready for a Weekly Menu Plan!

We are nearly half way through April, and I am so ready to plant the garden and get my flowers planted.  It’s been unusually cold here the first week or so of the month, so this year I opted to wait it out a bit.  I normally plant everything around Easter.

Weekly Menu Plan

This year though, we decided to wait.  I’m sure that’s probably the best decision, but I am certainly anxious to get things planted.  I’m even more anxious for mid-June when our garden should be in full swing.  I love cooking that time of year when everything is fresh and I can pick it right from my backyard.

This year though, we don’t have our chickens.  I am still pretty sad about that, but I am telling you we have never had so many snakes as we did last year.

I’m one of those that would burn my house down after seeing a snake…so my husband ended up giving them to a neighbor nearby.  I know they are happy, but I sure do miss those fresh eggs.

We had our chickens a few years and never had such an issue with snakes as we did last year.  They certainly wanted those eggs.  I even heard a good trick is to switch the eggs with golf balls and the snakes get choked on them when they suck them down.  We never did that, but I do think that would work.

This year, I’m relying on our local Farmer’s Market for those fresh eggs.  I’m anxious to stop in there this year too.

Now are you ready for the menu?

Weekly Menu Plan


Tater Tot Casserole


Air Fryer Tacos


Slow Cooker French Dip Subs


Fish Sandwiches


Sheet Pan Rosemary Chicken


Corn Dog Muffins


Easy Baked Apple Chicken

Enjoy this week’s menu plan!

Weekly Menu Plan

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