Ninja Foodi Pulled Pork

Make this easy Ninja Foodi Pulled Pork using the pressure cooker function.

This recipe will also use a dry rub that you can make with pantry style ingredients and then you can use this Ninja Foodi Pulled Pork to stuff in baked potatoes or as sandwiches, it’s even great in wraps or salad too.

– Pork Roast Shoulder Or Butt – Olive Oil – Chicken Broth – Apple Cider Vinegar


Add all dry rub ingredients to a bowl.

step 1

step 2

Place pork roast in a shallow dish and rub with the dry rub ingredients.

Let it rest for 1-2 hours to bring to room temperature.

step 3

Using the olive oil, brush it in the pot of the Ninja Foodi to fully coat the pot.

step 4

Set the Ninja Foodi to the saute function on medium-high heat and sear each chunk of pork on all sides to brown the outside.

step 5

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