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TruMoo Chocolate Milk Review

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TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Do you ever have the craving for something delicious and chocolate?  Who doesn’t?  A great way to feed that craving is by having a glass of TruMoo Chocolate Milk!  It is ready to serve and has 35% less sugar than most chocolate milk with the same great chocolate taste.

I absolutely love this milk because although it’s low in fat and sugar, it still has that rich, silky chocolate milk taste.  The chocolate used is pure cocoa and natural sugar which makes it taste great!

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Did I mention the fat free version is only 120 calories per serving?  Bring on the chocolate milk!

I was so excited to review this product because oddly enough we have never given our 4 year old son a glass of regular milk.  Strange?  Well, he had serious intolerance to dairy as a baby so we simply avoided it when we switched him to milk as a toddler.  We have always done non-dairy alternatives; however, he has had a variety of dairy products and has been fine with those.

Both my husband and I were in agreement for a while now that we really needed to try regular cow’s milk with him but we have food allergies in our family so it has made us even more cautious.  Now that he is old enough to tell us if his stomach hurts we felt comfortable trying it with him.

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Let’s just say this boy loved the milk!

I’m happy to say that he did not have any reaction so I think he is perfectly fine to drink cow’s milk.  I guess I should also note he never had a milk allergy but simply an intolerance as a baby.  He will still have chocolate milk in moderation but he enjoyed this so much and I have to say my whole family did.

I honestly think this milk has a refreshing taste much different than simply mixing chocolate syrup in milk.  A great idea with this milk is to freeze it as frozen popsicle, they make a wonderful treat with much more nutrients than a regular popsicle.

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

A glass of TruMoo Chocolate milk after a long day is the perfect way to kick up your feet and relax!

TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Maybe you will get to relax for more than 30 seconds…that’s about how long our milk lasted.  It’s that good.

Drink up!

For more information head on over to TruMoo Website or find them on Facebook and Twitter!

 Disclosure:  I have been compensated for my time and products used to review TruMoo.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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7 Responses to “TruMoo Chocolate Milk Review”

  1. Charleyposted October 17, 2014 at 7:52 am

    I find it interesting someone that is compensated for their review would use their kids as a plug for it. Sad people use kids to try selling any product that is not really that good anyway.
    I personally drank this so called great milk and so delicious that you couldn’t drank anything but it, sad to say that it is the worst milk I have ever consumed.
    The after taste is so terrible I just can’t put my finger on it, not sure what they are putting in this so called milk but I would leary of something that doesn’t taste right. I acquaint it to smoking if it doesn’t taste right then maybe you shouldn’t be consuming it.
    If I was a parent check the label and try it before using your kids as a test subject for a company that is trying to use misconception to sell their products.
    To note I have been drinking Chocolate milk since the 50’s and know WHAT MY TASTE BUDS don’t like. I also understand parents wanting to
    to find alternatives to high sugar drinks for their children but beware what you read or hear about a product you have the right NOT to believe the hype.


    • Kristyreplied October 17th, 2014 at 8:08 am

      I am sorry you feel that way. I would happily say that you can find other blogs to follow if you have a problem with mine. We drink this milk daily and have for years. If you do not like it that’s fine but in no way do I have to listen to you criticize me and my family over milk. That’s ridiculous.

  2. Jimposted February 1, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Kristy, I’m glad to hear that you had more luck than I did. I know how difficult it can be to find food that kids like. I am curious; you said your son is or was Lactose intolerant, does other milk still hurt his stomach and just Dean’s TruMoo doesn’t? Is he no longer Lactose intolerant have you tried other cow’s milk to see if it’s okay now?
    He looks like he has a cold or something so if it soothes his stomach than who am I to argue. I hope he is better now. 🙂

    My personal experience with Dean’s TruMoo Chocolate Milk:
    I tried Dean’s TruMoo and my stomach started hurting about an hour afterwards. It was a slight nauseous ache kind of like a hunger pain. I could feel milk souring in my stomach and bubbling. I can’t get rid of it; two months later and my gut still hurts and I still taste sour milk. I don’t know what they put in it or if it’s even cows milk but I know it is bad for me. There are some weird bacteria or something in it that hurts my gut.

    Deans chocolate milk used to soothe my stomach, now since they switched to TruMoo it has damaged it. And in case anyone wonders, I am not Lactose intolerant. I am TruMoo intolerant. Maybe Dean’s TruMoo isn’t even cow’s milk at all. Maybe that’s why people that are lactose intolerant can drink it. All I know is I will never drink it again and would not recommend it to anyone.
    But that is my personal experience with this new product.

    I apologize if I come off as a jerk but I feel that Dean’s TruMoo chocolate milk has damaged me and I am concerned for others that may consume it as well. I hope they switch back and discontinue TruMoo.
    I am glad to hear that your son can stomach it because it is supposed to be a good source of calcium and I know how hard it is to please kids. Just keep watching for a sour stomach or taste. Don’t give him more to soothe it; stop entirely.

    Have a nice day 🙂


  3. Jimposted February 1, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Kristy me again. I was just doing a little research and noticed something. Your TruMoo says Oak Farms Dairy and Mine said Dean Foods. I also noticed on their website that TruMoo could come from one of dozens of dairy farms.

    I remember I used to drink Country Fresh Chocolate Milk all the time until it changed to Deans TruuMoo. Naturally I assumed all TruMoo were the same but I wonder how much difference there is between the different Dairy farm?
    Maybe we just get the bad milk up here and they add chocolate to cover the spoiled taste of the old white milk they would have had to throw away? It tasted fresh when I drank it though the new flavour is like drinking a melted freezer burnt unbranded fudgcicle. I liked that it said “NO artificial growth hormones* NO high fructose corn syrup” but I don’t like the changed flavour or the stomach pain. I’m going to dig deeper and see what I come up with. Because milk shouldn’t still be in a stomach two months later no matter what the conditions. Unless it changed my gut bacteria that is, then it would be prescient.. I think I’ll go trow up and see if curdled milk comes out and run a culture of the bacteria.

    Sorry that I jumped the gun there, I’ll wait until I have finished my research and then go back and leave comments. 🙂


    • Kristyreplied February 1st, 2015 at 3:55 pm

      Last I checked, or at least as far as I understand they are with Dean’s Foods. Have you tried contacting the brand directly via their website? They are typically very helpful with the information you are searching for and could probably help you further.

      My son was lactose intolerant as a baby, but he can now handle dairy thankfully.

  4. Nicoleposted December 1, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    This milk hurts my stomach too. I mean intense pain. I would not recommend this milk to anyone. I truly had a horrible experience.


    • Kristyreplied December 2nd, 2016 at 10:34 am

      Could it be a lactose or dairy issue more than the milk? We drink this regularly and have never had any issue.

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