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Top 5 Ways Back to Healthy with Quaker Popped

I have mentioned it before but this year for me is not about resolutions to getting healthy it is my personal goal to be healthy this year and stay that way!

After being pregnant for the majority of last year, this year I am focusing on getting back to my normal weight range as well as making better choices with my eating habits.

My downfall is snacks, I tend to choose unhealthy snacks over the healthy ones. Lately, I’ve added more fruit into my snack routine and veggies as well as treating myself to Quaker Popped! I have to admit I’m a bit addicted to Quaker Popped and need to pace myself when eating them. I buy them weekly at the store and typically I always stick to Apple Cinnamon. They are a healthier alternative for me as aside to picking up a bag of potato chips.

This year I have setup 5 Ways that I plan to get Back to Healthy this year!

1. Choosing the Right Snacks– This year I am making it a goal to choose healthier snack options. I typically eat healthy meals but when I need a snack I choose a bag of chips over fruits and veggies. I’m going to incorporate fruits and veggies into my snack options along with granola, yogurt, and Quaker Popped.

2. Excising Regularly for my Lifestyle– Next up, exercise. I have fallen off this band wagon long ago; however I know without it I have no energy at all! I want to be healthy and involved in sports with my kids as they grow up and to do this I need to keep my body healthy by regularly excising. I plan to fit in an exercise routine that fits my lifestyle and includes my kids. This may be trips to the park to walk or run along with dance parties in the living room!

3. Eating Organic– I have learned a lot over the years about eating organic and I plan to add more organic foods into my diet this year. We did a great job last year with our garden and growing our own veggies. We plan to expand that this year to grow more of our own produce as well as shopping organic at the store and local farmers markets.

4. Schedule Me Time– Another way I plan to get healthy this year is to schedule time to myself. Even if this is just 5-10 minutes a day, I need time for myself away from the computer and the daily tasks of life just to take some deep breaths and be alone. I think just by having a few moments to myself maybe even just to regain my sanity would make a huge difference in my health.

5. Date Nights– I know this may seem like an odd ball but I plan to make it a point to have more date nights with my husband. How does this go into being healthy? I think having a healthy marriage plays into being healthy because if my marriage isn’t healthy then my stress level and lifestyle is likely not healthy either. I want to be sure my marriage is a healthy part of my lifestyle and date nights with my husband without worrying about bills and kids is much needed!

I am sticking to 5 ways to get back to healthy this year, because once the list gets longer I get overwhelmed. I know that by keeping my list simple I can easily stick to these items and be on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

What are some of your healthy goals for this new year?

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