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Smart Snack Options for the New Year

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Let’s Get The Year Started Right With Smart Snack Options!

Better-For-You Snack Options

It was just about this time last year that I set off on my journey to get in better shape in all areas of my life.  This included watching what I was eating and going back to the gym.  I have stayed very much on task with that as well.  The longest period I went without going to the gym was during the recovery for my surgery.  The biggest struggle for me though has been snacking.

I’m sure that may be the case with most of us, either eating little snacks or leftovers from the kids or even sitting at our desk at work and snacking.  I’ll admit, most of the time I snack out of boredom more than anything else.  The key for me has been to really find smart snacks.


Better-For-You Snack Options

This past year, I started a snack drawer in the fridge and the pantry that consists of bananas, nuts, dried fruits, and cheese.  I have been stocking the drawer with Weight Watchers® String Cheese.  Did you know that if you follow their plan it’s only 1-2 SmartPoints® per serving, and it’s made from low-fat milk?  That’s it!  Of course, the best part for me is that not only is it individually wrapped, but I can also grab one on the go.

Many times I’m on the way to the kids school or waiting in the carpool line and really need a snack.  This is one of the best options for me to eat on the go because unfortunately, I get the nuts and dried fruits all over the place.  The biggest challenge for me is not wanting to share my cheese with the kids.  It’s mine, right?  They don’t agree!

This cheese can be picked up at your local Publix and is right along with all the other featured cheeses, but it’s certainly a smart snacking option if you are looking to change the way you eat this next year.

Better-For-You Snack Options

Plus, did you know that Weight Watchers carries a whole line of cheese products?  They also have a variety of shredded cheeses, which are perfect top on dinner items.  Plus, they even have cream cheese too.  I love to pair the cream cheese with fruit as a dip, it’s a great option as well.

Better-For-You Snack Options

  • Weight Watchers String Cheese
  • Weight Watchers Cream Cheeses
  • Dried Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Veggies

These are just a few of my snack options that I always have on hand.  I also love to have some hummus in the fridge too for a little dipping sauce for the veggies as well.

Better-For-You Snack Options

Weight Watchers even offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. That means they are assuring you that you are going to enjoy it!  To learn more about the Great Taste GuaranCheesed, head here. I also love that the point counts are right on the package, for those of us that follow the point system, it makes it an easy way to know exactly how to count it up in your daily allotment of points.

Better-For-You Snack Options

Now, this next year, my goal is to continue eating better but also to add some more intense fitness classes into my routine.  I think I have become a bit stagnant in my workouts so I’m hoping to add more strength building classes back in this next year.  First though, I’m going to keep these snack options on hand especially as we go through the holiday season!

What types of snack options do you tend to lean toward?  I find if I have plenty of options for smart snacking on hand then I resist the not so good snacks, which ultimately helps me reach my end goal.

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Better-For-You Snack Options

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