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Slow Cooker Maple Roast

Slow Cooker Maple Roast is one of the best ways to serve roast.

Slow Cooker Maple Roast

Anyone else around here just incredibly tired lately?  Or is it just me?  I’m not sure if it’s the swing into back to school and having to get up really early again or just me but I have been SO tired!  I really probably should take those vitamins the doctor keeps insisting I take, right?  I hate taking things, but I guess I may need to start.  It may also help to actually get a good, decent amount of sleep, but who has time for that?

On days like that thinking about cooking or making something for dinner is just daunting to me.  I just want to curl in a ball and go back to sleep.  My husband never lets me though, he insists I get up and actually take care of the kids…who would have thought?  Ha!  So, up I get and then I head straight to the slow cooker and put this in the slow cooker because I know the day is just going to get busier as we go and dinner needs to be done.

Slow Cooker Maple Roast

Then, I get the kids off to where they need to go and sit down and get to work.  All the while, I’m trying not to lay my head down on the desk because work must be done.  Then, I have to smell this beauty in the slow cooker ALL day long…guess what?  I barely lasted until dinnertime because my mouth was watering smelling this throughout the day.

I snapped a few pictures of the final product and ate it all…cleared the plate.  Now, you would think that happens a lot in the food blogger world, but really for me it doesn’t.  I always test and try things of course but normally I wait until dinner time or I have a few bites and finish the rest later.  I couldn’t even wait til dinner time, I ended up eating hours earlier all because it was that good!

Slow Cooker Maple Roast

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Slow Cooker Maple Roast

Slow Cooker Maple Roast is a great option for dinner, it gives roast a whole new flavor!

Yield: 6+

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 8 Hours

Total Time: 8 Hours 10 Minutes


  • 3 Lb Beef Roast
  • 1 Lb Red Potatoes, Quartered
  • 1 Lb Baby Carrots
  • 1 Cup Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Tsp Ground Sage
  • 1/2 Tsp Garlic Salt


  1. Spray a 6 quart slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Place the roast on the bottom and then the veggies around it.
  3. Evenly pour the maple syrup over the entire dish along with the water.
  4. Evenly sprinkle the sage and salt over the top of the roast.
  5. Cover and cook for 8 hours on low.

The subtle taste of maple just compliment this so well.  It’s tender, juicy and perfect.  It can be complimented even more with a delicious gravy too; however, I opted to just use some of the juice in the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Maple Roast

Now, are you ready for this delicious maple dish?  Go put this in your slow cooker…then go take a nap!


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