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Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken & Memories

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Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

Today my husband and I are reminiscing about the last 7 years!

It was 7 years ago today we were getting ready to take the biggest ride of our lives up to that point and get hitched!  Yep, we were ready or so we thought to get married and go full throttle into living our lives together!

Then, we loaded up the next day after the wedding where we headed to Maui to spend a week of blissful peace and romance.

It was amazing.

One of those trips that you want to bottle up just so you can remember for a lifetime.

One of things we loved about Hawaii was all the flavors and foods that were served, of course the pineapple was first on my list!  I had been to Hawaii previously and seriously it was the best pineapple I had ever tasted.  The mainland pineapple will still never compare to that juicy, sweet delicious pineapple served in Hawaii.

I still remember the Hawaiian Chicken that I had several times throughout the trip!  This is exactly why I made these Hawaiian Chicken Sliders several years ago to remember that delicious taste!

slow cooker hawaiian chicken

I decided to recreate this recipe but this time make it very simple using the slow cooker.  I also used some boneless, skinless chicken breast instead.  It came out tender, sweet, and delicious.  Perfect!

slow cooker chicken

Then, we came back to reality!

When you head into marriage…I don’t think they (those seasoned married folk) warn you enough on how life changing it really is.  Seriously…let me not get started on the first time I discovered all those little man hairs after shaving all over the sink.  That were left.  Yes, left in the sink.

I nipped that one real quick…yep, no more hair in my sink!  Or…’our sink’.

Or when did it get so hard to put your shoes in the closet instead of by the dresser that is all of 2 feet away from the closet?  Or those socks that appear all over the house randomly in places that you really aren’t sure how they ended up there.  Really?  There is a dirty close hamper for that.

Oh and what side of the bed do you sleep on?  Little did he know…I like the whole bed.  I like to lay in the middle and hog all the covers.

I’m sure he had and probably still has a list too.  I would say number one on his list is likely how I load the dishes, it drives him nuts.


Our first year was rough.  I’ll just put that out there, it wasn’t just the little things it was lots of big things too.  Lots of things to work through, many things that we realized we were just selfish and needed to grow up on too.  It was ups and downs but with help we got through it.  We didn’t give up even though there were days when we thought we should.

We secretly joke that no one else could handle us except each other…we just groove together now and it works for us.

There is truly no one else in life with that I’d rather dance through life with than my husband.  He is truly my other half and not only was I blessed with an amazing husband, he is also a blessing to our kids.  He’s an incredible dad.

God hand picked him for me, and I am truly blessed.

Now, with that…go make some chicken and give your husband a big ole kiss.  Then, book a trip to Hawaii, because everyone should go there at least once, eat lots and lots of pineapple!

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  1. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victoriesposted June 24, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I can’t wait to try this. I haven’t been to Hawaii but would love to! Congrats on the wedding anniversary and hope you and your husband enjoy many more years of wedded bliss.


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