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Simple Holiday Decor with At Home

It’s time to start decorating for the holidays, make a quick stop to At Home for the perfect simple holiday decor.  This post is sponsored by Mom Select; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Simple Holiday Decor with At Home #AtHomeStores #Sponsored

We have started to decorate for the holidays, have you?  This year I’m adding some more simple, classic pieces to my holiday decor items.  I try to add a few new things each year so that I have a nice amount of Christmas decor items to decorate with.  I was able to decorate by using Holiday Decor with At Home.

Simple Holiday Decor with At Home #AtHomeStores #Sponsored

This year, my focus was on my side buffet table in the dining room.  I wanted some classic white and gold pieces to decorate with.  I found exactly what I was looking for At Home, plus they were affordable too.  I can easily spend hours in the At Home store just looking at all the beautiful displays with their latest products.  I love to get inspiration from those displays to incorporate in my own home.

Simple Holiday Decor with At Home #AtHomeStores #Sponsored

The current controversy in our home is the Christmas Tree.  I actually would love to do a wooden tree on the wall instead of an actual tree in my living room or possibly move the tree to another room.  We have a rather small living room and it’s just a very big item to squeeze into the living room.  I like having space and it takes up a bit too much; however, I have been vetoed.

My husband and kids insist that we must have a tree, so purchasing a smaller one At Home is also on my list of to-do’s this year.  They certainly have plenty to choose from and at affordable prices.

Simple Holiday Decor with At Home #AtHomeStores #Sponsored

I just love the pieces I picked up this year for the holidays.  My favorite being the cotton, I love adding it to my home.  I have several in various places around the home as decor pieces.  I also love the sign and the ‘SNOW’ sign lights up too.  It’s a nice element to have in the evenings to brighten the space.

Not only do they carry all sorts of decor items but they also have plenty to decorate outdoors too, we will be heading back to stock up on lights too.

Simple Holiday Decor with At Home #AtHomeStores #Sponsored

Now are you ready to decorate?  I know that I am!  It is one of my favorite times of year!

Happy Holidays!

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