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Peach Delight Trifle

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Disclosure:  I am taking part of the Cans Get You Cooking Canbassador Program, and this is a sponsored post.  All thoughts, opinions, and recipe is my own.

Peach Delight

This past week, I was ask to make dessert for our Memorial Day cookout.  Not only that but I was also the only one bringing it.

Can we say…PRESSURE?

Yes!  I decided to take a walk down the canned fruit aisle at the grocery store to gather some inspiration.  Yes, I do that sometimes!  I get inspired in grocery stores.  That’s just how it works with a food blog!

Del Monte Peaches

Then, I spied these Del Monte canned peaches and I immediately was inspired.  Trifle…with peaches, of course!

I love that with canned peaches you get a juicy peach that is busting with flavor and nutrients.  Did you know they are canned just hours after picking them?  That means it’s sealed just shortly after that and they are picked at the peak of ripeness.  So, what does this mean?

You can expect some delicious peaches in those cans!

As soon as I picked up these peaches, I passed by the baking aisle and picked up some peach jello then whipped topping and angel food cake.

Next up, it was all about putting it together.

What’s the best part?  It’s a no bake dessert!  Of course, if you bake your own angel food cake then it isn’t…I did bake my own.

Did it turn out?  Well, not so much.  So…store bought it is!  I tried to bake a gluten free angel food cake.  The recipe did work only it was maybe an inch thick and I needed it to be the same size as a store bought angel food cake.  I’ll be working on that again later!

Back to the trifle!

Peach Trifle

This trifle consists of adding peaches to peach jello then letting that gel really well overnight.

Then, it’s time to layer.  I ripped up the angel food cake and put half of it on the bottom of the trifle bowl.  Then, I cut up the jello into squares and put that on top of the cake.  Next up I used a whole tub of Cool Whip and slathered that on then repeated the layers again.  On the top layer though, I did two tubes of Cool Whip…let’s face it…I love that stuff.

To top it off I placed a few sliced peaches on top then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.

What do we have?  A beautiful trifle that is simple and tasty!

Peach Delight Trifle

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Peach Delight Trifle

Yield: 10+


  • 2 Cans Del Monte Sliced Peaches, Drained
  • 2 Packages Peach Jello Mix
  • 1 Angel Food Cake (Baked)
  • 3 Cartons Cool Whip
  • Brown Sugar for Topping
  • Cinnamon for Topping


  1. Begin by preparing the jello as instructed on the package. I prepared mine in two separate containers. Place the peaches in the jello so that they gel with it.
  2. (Note: I reserved a few peaches for the topping.)
  3. Let this chill for 24 hours.
  4. In a large bowl, tear the angel food cake into small chunks.
  5. Place 1/2 of it in the bottom of the trifle bowl. Then, place a layer of jello on top. At this point, I cut the jello into squares and place it evenly over the angel food cake.
  6. Slather on the entire carton of whipped cream as the next layer.
  7. Then, repeat those same steps again.
  8. For the final layer of Cool Whip add two cartons of it to get a good thick layer.
  9. Arrange the reserved peaches on top and then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.
  10. Enjoy!


Are you ready for this delicious dessert?  Head to your canned good aisle and pick up some yummy canned peaches!

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