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Our New Saber Grill & A Burger Round Up

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This past month, we were blessed with a new Saber Gas Grill!  I thought I’d share with you about that today and take a break from our gardening update…more on that next Friday!

To say that my husband was excited about this grill would be the understatement of the year.  He really could not have smiled any bigger, it was ear to ear grin!  We were so anxious to use it that we set it up as soon as it came in to try it out.

When we first were married, we lived in an apartment with no where to grill.  Then, when we moved into our first home my parents housewarming gift to us was a charcoal grill and smoker.  We use it all the time since my husband loves to smoke meats; however, we have been needing a gas grill for a long time now.  We even had two but neither of them worked.  We picked both of them up for less than $10 at garage sales…so that should of been a sign.

I think a critter in our backyard decided one of them was his home…sadly, we got rid of his home since we have a new, working grill now.

This grill is stainless steel, commercial kitchen grade!  Now, that’s my kind of grill.  The first time we used ours was for burgers.  We immediately realized that the temperature was even.  It is not that way with charcoal, so that was so nice.  Our burgers were cooked evenly throughout with no pink, which is exactly how we wanted them.

Another bonus on this grill, is the side burner!  I can cook our entire meal outside without having to start the oven or the stove inside.  Why is this good?  In the summer,  it gets up to 120* here in Oklahoma…turning on my inside appliances is just out of the question!

This grill also has cooking zones, 3 individual zones.  This is especially nice when having a cookout and grilling multiple items such as hot dogs, burgers, chicken, or steaks!

Another one of our family members loved this grill too…our dog May.  She thinks this is the best thing ever because amazing things tend to fall off it and make her day!

They are both in love.  I am sure I have lost my husband to the grill…but that means I’ll be eating some delicious meals!  Did I mention I can’t wait to use it for veggies from our garden this year?

One of my husband’s favorite perks of this grill is the grease tray at the front to catch it without making a mess on the deck in the backyard!

I have to say we are completely ecstatic to use this for cookouts this year!  I’m ready to start cookout season now.

Before we get started how about a few burger recipes?  These are some of my favorites!

Bruschetta Burgers

Onion Soup Burger

Corn Salsa Burger

Cowboy Burger

Gluten Free Burger

Are you ready to get cooking?  Be sure and check out more on Saber Grills on their website and Facebook!

Disclosure:  We were provided a Saber Grill to review for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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7 Responses to “Our New Saber Grill & A Burger Round Up”

  1. Rachel @ BubblyNatureCreations.composted April 8, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Looks great! I am so glad it’s grillin’ weather!


  2. Graceposted June 29, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks for the review. We’ve been thinking of getting one. What’s the cleanup like?


    • Kristinreplied October 18th, 2015 at 5:31 pm

      It is easy to clean. Turn on grill on high close cover and wait 5 to 8 minutes. Open and scrub with your brush, but be very careful, that the wires don’t come off and transfer into your food. This is very HAZARDOUS.
      Once in awhile take out top grill rack and clean and the underneath grate and clean too. Put back together and grill, this only took me 3-5 minutes.
      I’m not sure what else there is too do since I’m new to Saber Grills also.
      Hope this helps. Best purchase in a Grill I have ever made.

  3. Kristinposted October 18, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    I Love my Saber! I’m trying new items but am having difficulty with the KamadoJoe. It says to Grill at 350 but do I close the cover or leave it open. Do I only turn the two outside burners on and leave the center burner off. Or all three on. I’m having trouble regulating the temp also.
    Any ideas?



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