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Let’s Talk: Beauty and Self-Esteem

Do you ever have moments when you wish you could go back and talk to that girl you were in Jr. High or High School?  I have to say I have those moments more often than I would like to admit.  As I have been on this journey over the last several months finding out that I’m expecting a girl, I have to fight those fears of is she going to feel beautiful?  Have confidence in herself?  Or am I going to be standing in the middle of the dressing room with my Jr. High age girl crying because she feels ugly or fat in the clothes she’s trying on.


(Sharing this picture is taking more esteem than I may have.)

That girl was me.  I remember standing there with my mom in tears because I could not find the ‘right’ clothes and I was never the ‘skinny’ girl…ever.  I can honestly tell you it would be hard to find home pictures of me from a particular age in my life because I likely destroyed them all.  I always struggled with self-esteem issues. I know I’m not alone in this either and it’s battle for many girls.  Sometimes that’s hard to admit but when you are constantly bombarded with media images of the right way to look, sometimes it’s unavoidable to be facing those issues.

That is what I love about Dove and their Let’s Talk campaign.  This campaign focuses on reaching out to girls and developing the relationship that will nourish and encourage their self-esteem.  This allows parents, family, and friends to truly have an open relationship with their girls and let them know that beauty is not simply an image you see on the cover of the latest magazine…it’s much more than that.  I love that Dove is going against the grain and focusing on true beauty instead of airbrushed images that are splashed on every ad around the country!

Did you know that around the world only 4% of women actually feel that they are beautiful and 72% of girls around the world feel like they are under tremendous pressure to beautiful.

As I go back and rehearse the conversation in my head that I know I will one day have with my daughter, I remember my parents constantly assuring me what true beauty was.  I’ll admit I skipped school dances and many other events growing up because I never felt like I was good enough to go.  I had a great group of friends throughout my childhood, but I hardly ever participated in activities because I always felt inferior or nervous that I wouldn’t fit in.  Looking back now, I wish I could go back and talk to that girl and tell her that at the end of the day none of it is going to matter.


At some point in my senior year it occurred to me that there was more to life then trying to fit in with the ‘right’ girls and those ‘popular’ crowds that are so easily distinguishable in high school.  At that point, I started living my own life, doing my own thing.  Suddenly, I had confidence in myself that I never had throughout Jr. High and most of my High School life.  For me personally, it was life changing.

princess(Photo Source:  Sunshine and Pearls)

I hope and pray every day that my daughter will know she is beautiful and will see that it is what she believes about herself that will truly show.

Are you ready to start talking to your daughter or girl in your life about self-esteem?  It’s never to early to start encouraging your daughters.  Dove has a great way to help break the ice with this Let’s Talk Toolbox along with a Self-Esteem Wall.

The mission behind the Let’s Talk Movement:

Dove® is committed to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. The Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem invites all women to join us in creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.

We have reached more than 9 million girls so far and with your help we can reach our target of 15 million by 2015.

This past October 5-7, Dove hosted the third annual Self-Esteem Weekend, a nationwide rally to talk about beauty, confidence and self-esteem with girls everywhere.

Each time you buy Dove®, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. Dove supports partnerships with after-school programs, self-esteem building events and education resources.

Are you ready to start talking to the girls in your life?  Head on over to the Let’s Talk Toolbox for more ice breakers!

Disclosure:  This post has been sponsored by Dove; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 Responses to “Let’s Talk: Beauty and Self-Esteem”

  1. Stephanieposted October 30, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    wonderfully said Kristy! Currently, my daughter has NO self esteem issues (being 4). I am not looking forward to the day that I have to talk to her about true beauty. I hope that I can be a gracious as my mother was to me in explaining it all.


    • Kristyreplied October 30th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

      Thank you! I agree, I hope I’m as good at it as my mom was too!

  2. Mariaposted October 30, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Thank you for having the courage to share a truly inspiring post. Being a mom of a 14 month old I couldn’t stop thinking of her as I read your story and am so terribly sorry that you went through some of those difficult moments. You’re an inspiration! Keep being you – your children are so lucky to have you.


    • Kristyreplied October 31st, 2012 at 7:59 am

      Thank you! In the end it’s just about embracing who we are.


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