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Host a Homegating Party with Football Inspired Cheese Board

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It’s time for game day and that means it’s time to host a homegating party with a football inspired cheese board.

It’s officially time for game day parties, and for me that always means planning the perfect food and drinks to go with it. When I host a party, I always want to base it around a theme whether it’s a specific theme like football or a color. Once I have my theme down, I can plan it from there. Of course, when hosting a football party, it’s simple to get a theme but what makes it even better? Dr Pepper® that is already wrapped with football inspired packaging!

I can tell you now when I can find products that fit the theme so nicely as the Dr Pepper does, it’s a win in my book. I picked up a case of Dr Pepper at Walmart for the drinks and it fit in nicely with the party setup because they are sponsoring the College Football Playoffs. There is a football and a field on the cans already, so it was a win for this party and a must have.

Next on the list after the theme and the drinks, food. Cheese Boards are all the rage right now, so I thought I would do something similar but utilize the football shaped serving platters to create the cheese board.

First thing you will want to do when creating a cheese board is decide what is going to go in it. Of course the obvious is various types of cheese, but it’s also necessary to add varying levels of foods that provide a sweet and salty taste too.

I opted for a variety of fresh cheeses, crackers, pickles, black olives, and fruit. I also added in a sweet treat with the yogurt coated pretzels and the cookies as well. I also kept the entire tray gluten-free, every single item on it is gluten-free. Why is this necessary?

Now, there isn’t any issue if your guests are gluten-free, they can enjoy it too!

I garnished the boards with almonds to fill in any areas that may have gap and it was just beautiful. Is it allowed to say that in reference to a football party? Maybe not? I also utilized the strawberries and grapes to add color as well.

Along with the cheeseboards, I decided to dip pretzels in chocolate and make brownies as well that have a football inspired icing on top. These are simple to make, for the pretzels, simply dip them in warmed up baking chocolate and let them harden. Once they are hard, draw the lines for the footballs.

They do not have to be exact, simply the idea is what you are going for here. These are a great addition to the deliciousness going on in the cheese boards.

Let me let you in on a little secret too, all I had to do was order all of the items I needed online at Walmart and then I stopped in and picked them up using Walmart Grocery Pickup. I have been using their pickup service for well over a year now, basically once it started. For a while there, I actually drove all the way across town just to pickup my groceries and avoid going in. Now, I can go right down the street because it’s in so many locations. It literally saves me my time and my sanity! Have you ever shopped with kids? Then, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Once I had the cheese boards, desserts, and drinks done, it was time to party! The guests can fill up their plates then head to the living room to enjoy the big game.

I’m ready for some football? Are you?! Or maybe I’m just ready for all the food and drinks? I can’t decide!

Also check for the 2-liter football bottles as well.  They are great for having out at your Homegating party!

For more Homegating inspiration and to find a Dr Pepper event near you, click here.

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