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Fluffy Funfetti Pancakes

Gluten free funfetti pancakes put the fun in breakfast or brinner. How adorable are these?!

Fluffy Funfetti Pancakes I Mommy Hates Cooking

In my world there can never be enough sprinkles. My kids and I may actually eat them straight from the container from time to time. Don’t judge.

Sprinkles just make me happy, they make my day go better. What better way to start your day then with sprinkle-filled pancakes? Now we certainly do not eat sprinkle loaded pancakes all the time, but I absolutely LOVE making these for special occasions.

I know many recipes may actually use cake batter for funfetti pancakes; however, I simply add the sprinkles to my favorite fluffy buttermilk pancakes. For me, I feel like the additional sugar in the sprinkles is more than enough for breakfast.

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These pancakes are so simple to make gluten free by simply switching out the flour for gluten free all purpose flour, Better Batter is what I use.  The switch is simple and it works out perfectly. I serve these to my non-gluten free family and they never even know the difference.

Fluffy Funfetti Pancakes I Mommy Hates Cooking

I also like to add additional sprinkles to the top of these, and then I drizzle them with warm maple syrup. Of course, you can always use the syrup that you prefer; however, something about that maple syrup on a warm stack of pancakes just makes my mouth water.

These even make for a fun lunch addition to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. These pancakes may just brighten your day when you see them on your plate in the morning.

Not only are they simple to make but they also freeze well too. I like to make large batches of pancakes and freeze them, then reheat the pancakes in the microwave when we are ready to serve them.

Are you ready to brighten your day with these fluffy gluten free funfetti pancakes? Go right ahead and add extra sprinkles! You absolutely deserve it.

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