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{Final Week} Weight Watchers Simple Start Program

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I was given a free one month subscription to Weight Watchers to try their new Simple Start plan and write about my experience.  Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own.

Veggie Lettuce Wraps I Mommy Hates Cooking

I mentioned in the last two weeks, I have been trying out the Weight Watchers Simple Start program.  The first week, I shared with you about the program and then last week I shared the Veggie Lettuce Wraps from the recipes suggested during the program.

I have to admit this was a challenge for me.  I do eat relatively healthy; however, I have not watched it so closely before.  I also make so many of my own recipes that it was a bit hard to stick to the recipe suggestions with the plan.  I ended up taking a lot of the foods that are considered the superfoods and then working them into recipes that I was already making.  For instance, I made the open faced grilled cheese sandwiches but then I added tomato and spinach.  I even thought about adding an egg to those as well for a good breakfast or dinner item with a boost of protein.  I’ll be sharing more on that recipe too later in the week.

Weight Watchers Simple Start I Mommy Hates Cooking

After being on the plan though for the last few weeks, I have noticed more of what I am eating and how much I am snacking throughout the day too.  When you work from home it’s very hard to not be snacking when the kitchen is right there next to me, not to mention I cook a lot.  So, I realized what snack foods are good for me and the importance of getting each meal in during the day and making it count.  For instance, a basic PB&J is probably not the best idea for lunch because it will not fill me up until dinner time.

The next challenge I had was that we were in the middle of moving and still are, so I have had a hard time getting in the kitchen to make the foods.  Again though, I have been able to use the foods mentioned and make them adaptable into what we can eat.

Weight Watchers Simple Start I Mommy Hates Cooking

Just after these two weeks, I feel so much better about my food choices overall and feel that I could stay on track with this plan.  I like that it teaches you the superfoods and really gets you looking at how you eat, when you eat, and what you eat instead of tracking points and portion sizes.  The foods that are in the meals are so filling that you eat the correct portion size and you are less likely to be hungry again just a few hours later.

Weight Watchers Simple Start

I needed this plan to get myself back on track with really taking a deeper look at the foods that I am eating.  I also like that the plan still allows for ‘indulgences’ because what can I say…I like some chocolate after a long day.

Did you try out the plan yet this year?  For me it was a success because it truly got me look at what I am eating and reminded me of what superfoods need to be in my diet regularly and the foods that don’t!  Now that I am getting on track with my eating, I am also looking forward to getting on track with exercising regularly again.

It’s time to get back to my old self and feel more energized!

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3 Responses to “{Final Week} Weight Watchers Simple Start Program”

  1. SHELLEY ZUREKposted January 21, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Your veggie lettuce wraps inspired me to make a tuna salad wrap. THanks for the idea.


  2. Mel {MamaBuzz}posted January 22, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    I so feel your pain with moving…. it’s been about 7 months now, and we both swear never again. LOL


    • Kristy Stillreplied January 22nd, 2014 at 9:36 pm

      Exactly!!! This one feels much harder than the last one, maybe it’s b/c we have two kids now? I’m so tired, I can hardly move! One more day and we should be in our house tomorrow!

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