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{Back to School Week} Top 2 Packing Lunch Essentials

Heart Shaped Eggs Bento Box

Lunch would not be lunch without a few essentials!

I say there is only TWO things you really need for good lunch packing…that’s right…TWO.

I thought today I would share with you a few of the items that I use to make lunch for our son.  I have found a few products that I absolutely LOVE when it comes to lunch making.

I’m a simple person…what can I say.  I thought about making this list long but it doesn’t need to be.  If you buy good quality products they will last a while and you will be all set!

Top 2 Packing Lunch Essentials


Easy Lunch Boxes

1. Easy Lunch Boxes

This is my favorite bento style box to pack my son’s lunch with.  I love that it has compartments because he likes his food unmixed, plus it’s tightly sealed.  I have used these for several years with no leaks or issues!  I even still use the same ones we bought years ago and they are in great condition!  Be sure and find more lunch options too over on!

PackIt Lunch Bag

2. PackIt Freezeable Lunch Bag

This will be our first year using the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag; however, my sister swears by it!  She loves that she can just store it in the freezer and then not mess with ice packs on her kids food.  We picked one of these up for lunches this year!  My favorite aspect is that it folds down for very easy storage.  I can store it in the drawer and it takes up very little space.

That’s it!  These are the TWO items that I truly feel are worth every penny!

Now I want to know, what are your go to items for packing lunches?

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