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{A Fashion Minute} My First Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix

Let’s talk Fashion for a few minutes!

I mentioned on Facebook last week that I decided to try out Stitch Fix!  I was so excited about this because I have lost all my fashion sense.

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That’s a sad thing….

Because I have a degree in fashion!

Something about having kids screwed up my fashion sense.  I still know good fashion, but I have no time to shop and when I do it’s always for the kids!

Stitch Fix to the rescue!  Stitch Fix takes the shopping out, basically they do it for you with your own personal stylist.  Sounds great, right?

Stitch Fix

I signed up on Stitch Fix and filled out a style profile then it was time to schedule my first fix.  When you schedule a fix you are charged a $20 Styling Fee this can be applied to a purchase.  The first thing I noticed is the prices are definitely higher than my normal.  The average price is $75 a piece and they send you five pieces.  If you decide to purchase all five then you get 25% off the total.  Also as soon as you get the products, you simply try them on and decide what you want.  Then, you send back your returns in the pre-paid envelope within 3 business days and you are never charged for those items.  After you get your fix, you will also be able to go only and let your stylist know what you loved and hated about those pieces.

Friends…I’m a Goodwill shopper.  I don’t do expensive clothes.  If I pay $20 for a sweater that’s expensive!  Even when I was studying fashion I was still a thrifty shopper so I didn’t pay much then either.  This was out of my price range for clothes, but I thought maybe I could find some higher quality clothes than my normal.

Stitch Fix

I finally received my Stitch Fix today and sadly I only really liked one of the shirts.  This made it easy for me though to decide what to send back because I knew I would not be keeping it all especially on my thrifty budget.

I did like some of the other tops; however, they were all very business style, much like I would of wore to my past corporate job.  I work from home though…most days I’m lucky to get out of my PJs, so I just did not need those!

Stitch Fix

The top I kept though was this floral and lace top.  I love this one because I would not have picked this for myself most likely and it’s a great top to dress up or down.  The back of the top is a black jersey cotton making it very lightweight.  I love that I can easily pair it with a cardigan to wear it through the fall and winter months too.

There was really only one real FAIL in my box.  There was a plaid wrap top that really looked like a mans top…that was the only one I had the thought of “who would wear this?”

Stitch Fix

I have to say although I only fell in love with one of my tops, Stitch Fix is a very fun little treat during the month!

I have also been told that it takes a couple fixes before the stylist really gets it spot on and then it gets harder to send items back!  I know I won’t be ordering a fix every month but it’s a fun way to add something a little different to your wardrobe without all the hassle of going out to the store!

Stitch Fix

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  What did you think?  Was it your style?

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