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Are you ready to take Menu Planning to the next level, but you need that extra push?!

Here it is, learn the tips and strategies of menu planning and how it can help you to save time, save money, and eat healthy.  Not only that, but along with this E-Book you receive 2 Sample Menu Plans and 2 Printable Menu Planners.

Bonus for Couponers:  There is a great tip on how to store your menu plan along with those coupons!

“I love how your recipes overlap some in ingredients so you are NOT having to buy as much in one week.” -Amanda R. of Unorganized Mommy

“It truly is that easy to utilize and put into action your own menu plans with Kristy’s great advice and guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or and avid couponer she has great information for you. Kristy really has made menu planning so easy with her tips and information in Menu Planning 101.” -Ginger of Crock Pot Recipe Exchange

“This E-Book is perfect for those who have left home for the first time, newly married couples, and those who have just had children.  I actually told her that I will be putting this book to use in the future.” -Libby of Cooking with Libby

What’s stopping you?  Purchase this book for less than your favorite cup of coffee today!

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Menu Planning 101 for E-Readers

Now available for E-Readers, head on over to Amazon to purchase!  Once you purchase, email me at Kristy@MommyHatesCooking for the printable files.

FREE Printable Weekly Planner

Just need a weekly meal planner to get started?  Download this  FREE printable weekly planner.

Like what you see?  There is even more in the Menu Planning 101 E-Book!