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{Part 6} Sink or Swim

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Good Life

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As I walked into work that following day planning to put in my notice, I was so shaky!  I was so nervous, a risk taker?  That was not me at all.  I was taking a risk.  I was taking a risk that could potentially affect my family in big ways, not only that I was taking a risk on myself.  I was walking out of my job that paid a secure paycheck each week to a job that would be solely owned and operated by me.  I would be the one woman show, so if I couldn’t make this happen, whatever this may be…I would let my family down.


I was shaken down to my core, only I was doing it afraid.  Terrified.

I walked in to talk to my boss and I’m paraphrasing but when I put in my notice she said, “I had a feeling this would be coming.”




So, you knew too?  That was the thoughts going around in my head.  Apparently everyone knew this was coming except for ME!

I left on good terms knowing that I could come back if I totally failed on this journey I planned to head off on.  Keep in mind, when I did quit my job, I was not making any income on my blog or related to it, outside of my corporate job.  I had a few ideas of ways I may be able to generate income with my blog but nothing major.

I had one very important thing though…passion.  I was absolutely passionate and driven to make this work because I wanted to work from home and love what I do.

Good Life

I worked the following few weeks at my corporate job, then transitioned into working from home on my new business which was legally changed to, Mommy Hates Cooking, LLC.

If you have ever started your own business then you know those first several months are a bit rocky just trying to get your feet planted on the ground.  After a few months, I would get scared and start looking at bank jobs again.  Then, my husband would remind me that God had not let me down yet so why would I think He would now?  Sure enough, each month more opportunities would come along and growth started to happen.  I was able to do many freelancing jobs that most people will never know about because it’s not necessarily related to blogging, but I was able to land those jobs because of my blog.

That was something I learned about being able to work from home.  There are SO many jobs that are available now thanks to the internet to work from home, but it’s all about networking and finding those jobs.

Good Life(Picture from her tiny baby days…goes too fast!)

I can honestly say I absolutely love my job.  It’s really not glamorous at all and far from it.  There are days where I just want to burn my computer and my phone.  Remember when I said my husband’s job was 24/7 and his phone was tethered to him?  The tables have turned.  Now, my phone is within arms reach 99% of the time because my business is 24/7, and it’s just me.  I have no employees, no one to take messages for me.  I am not complaining as I am very thankful for my job, but if you own any business yourself it is a lot of WORK.  I now work harder and more hours than I have ever worked in my entire life, but the flip side is I am doing what I love.

Good Life

I do believe God has called each of us to a very specific path in our lives and when you find it, you will absolutely love going to work every morning.  I often think of the teachers at my son’s school, they are amazing.  Why?  They are living and working in their calling.  They are meant to be there and it shows because they have such a passion for those kids.  That is how I feel about my job.  I’m passionate about it, and that passion drives me to keep on trucking!

Good Life

Now, I could say the rest is history but I’m still navigating this path of my own business and each month I thank God for more opportunities to do what I love.  I am also open to the fact that at any moment my road could change, and I may be directed another way.  I’m ready.

I’m ready even if I do it afraid.

 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. “Jeremiah 29:11”

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One Response to “{Part 6} Sink or Swim”

  1. Patricia Cookposted March 27, 2014 at 10:14 am

    I really love this series of posts, Kristy. I admire the faith it took for you to quit your job and turn Mommy Hates Cooking into the amazing blog that it is. I am on a path of my own right now, seeking and trying to find the answers for my own best life. Any yes, doing it afraid. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and giving me a reminder of where my strength really comes from.


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