Mommy Hates Cooking


Here are a few of the most frequently ask questions that I receive, I will be adding to this list soon!

1. Are you a professional cook?  Do you have former training?

Take a few seconds and think about my name ‘Mommy Hates Cooking’.  I did not particularly like to cook, and I was using this site as a way to learn to cook and go through the ups and downs of trying new recipes.  My recipes are typically geared toward people who either are busy and need quick recipes or like me, they hate to cook!  When I started this blog the majority of my meals started with pre-made frozen items that I heated in the oven, take a look at the first few post and you will see this.  Now, nearly everything I make is from scratch or at least close to it.  I cannot even bring myself to purchase pre-made items anymore.  In saying this, I have learned a lot over the years in both blogging and cooking.  I can completely say that although I still have many I hate cooking moments, I really enjoy it now.  My purpose for this site and for myself was fulfilled!

2. Why are some of your recipes not completely traditional to the way a dish is typically made?

I am learning to cook, each day I try a new recipe.  The majority of the items you see on my site show my experience the first time I have ever cooked that particular dish.  Unless I say specifically that it’s a favorite of ours in the past, then I probably have never made it before and I’m posting it to you following my first experience with it.  I enjoy getting feedback from readers on my recipes because it allows me to learn tips and tricks on cooking.

3. Do you write your own recipes?

Yes, I write many of my own recipes pretty much the majority.  If they are not my own I will post a picture of my final product and any changes I may have made to the original.  Then, I will provide a link to the recipe that will direct you to the site where it can be found.  I have impressed myself over the past few months because I truly love these recipes unless I stated otherwise.  Creating new recipes and experimenting is something that draws me into cooking and keeps me excited to keep learning!

4.  How do your reader’s benefit from your recipes?

The biggest benefit is that most of my recipes are extremely easy, and I am not a professional chef, so if I can do it then my readers can too!  I also hope that my readers are sharing in my challenge with me and learning to be better cooks themselves.  Since I started this blog and challenged myself to cook daily, I have learned that often it is cheaper, healthier, and quicker to make dishes from scratch.  I hope my readers are learning that as well.  I also take a lot of the research out of the process by providing recipes at your fingertips.

5.  Help!  I tried a recipe of yours and it didn’t turn out!?

Let me start by saying, I hate that it did not turn out for you!  Truly, I do!  There is not a recipe writer in the world that does not absolutely feel terrible when a recipe does not turn out; however, it is typically not the recipe.  Let me clarify, recipes can be changed many times while you are making them and many ways a recipe is written may be interpreted differently by the person reading it.  For example, I have a brownie recipe that I use over and over.  Literally, I could quote the recipe in my sleep because I make it so much.  Then, I will have about a dozen times of 100x making it that it does not turn out.  Why?  Sometimes I just don’t know but it typically comes down to over mixing it or not adding the ingredients correctly.  So, even recipes I know work because I have made them so many times don’t always work for me because I just may be having an off day.  Sometimes, I may forget to add an egg and not realize it until I put it in the oven…guess what?  It happens sometimes!  If a recipe does not work for you and you tell me, the first thing I do is look over the recipe that is written just to be sure nothing obvious is left out of my recipe.  Then, if it is not I can try to troubleshoot with you; however, it is difficult being that I am not in the kitchen with you.  Many times, recipes may not be fabulous for you because I prefer a different taste than you do, that can happen too.  Cooking is a lot of trial and error or taste testing and everyone has a different taste.  The recipes I do, I cook them all myself first before sharing any of them.  The pictures that you see with the recipes are the final pictures after I have made the recipe unless otherwise noted.  I never share a picture that is not of the recipe that I made without sharing that with you; however, doing that would be highly unlikely.  I always want my readers to see a clear picture of the end product.  In saying all of this, cooking is a journey and all about creativity.  If a recipe does not turn out as you intend it, be sure and see if you can re-purpose it in some way to make it work for your family.

6.  Do you feel like you are starting to love cooking?

Yes.  I can honestly say that I truly do love it but still have my hates cooking moments.  I look forward to taking a picture of my dish and posting my recipe to share with all my readers.  I also enjoy the feedback because it helps me to improve.  I have done more research on cooking techniques and recipes than ever before.  My free time has turned into working on new recipes and trying new things in the kitchen.  I will say that I have cooked more in the last several years than I have in my lifetime.  I cook almost everyday and sometimes it’s 2-3 dishes that day including baking.  I find inspiration in all aspects of my life, right now it’s more about finding kid friendly meals.

I hope you enjoy the ride.