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Zio’s Tomato Florentine Soup & Menu Plan Monday

zio's tomato florentine soup

We are thawing out from the cold weather that we have experienced the last few weeks, are you?  I'm also just itching to pull out all the spring clothes and get a pretty new pedicure after the long, cold winter!  It just seems like this winter is never going to end! Are you feeling that way? I guess it's time to put that aside and menu … [Read more...]

Balsamic Grilled Steaks & Menu Plan Monday

Indoor Balsamic Grilled Steaks I Mommy Hates Cooking

Welcome to March!  Spring is just around the corner or at least I sure hope it is.  We are back to being in between spring weather and cold weather around here.  I remember plenty of snowfalls in March, so maybe I should call spring official in April. This week, I am highlighting a few recipes I shared last week along with some old … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Mexi Style Pulled Pork & Menu Plan Monday


Can you believe it's the last week of February?  Already this year is starting to fly by, soon we will be heading into spring!  I'm counting down too, I am so ready to enjoy some fresh air, spring colors, and grilling!  Are you? This week my menu is a mix of slow cooker recipes along with some comfort foods.  I've been feeling very inspired … [Read more...]

Crispy Chicken Thighs & Menu Plan Monday

crispy Chicken

I'll just put it out there and say that lately, I've been really tired of cooking.  As in so tired of cooking that even the slow cooker seems like too much work.  Anyone else have those days? Weeks?  Months?  The downside...we still have to eat, so I really don't get a break.  I'm sure you all can relate! I'm guessing it's probably from all … [Read more...]

Egg Topped Turkey Burgers & Menu Plan Monday

Egg Topped Turkey Burger

I'm in the mood for warm, delicious foods this week.  This cold weather makes me crave comfort foods, and I love making them during the winter time. I know most of us describe comfort foods differently, what would be your favorite comfort food?  Mine are warm, creamy soups and cornbread! Now, let's get some comfort foods on the menu this … [Read more...]