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MapMyFitness Quaker Challenge


New Year, New Me As we enter the new year, many things became clear to me one of which was my health. Before I had my son I worked out 5-7x a week. I spent at least a few hours each day at the gym either before or after work. It was how I either started my day or ended it. I had energy, and I was healthy! Just after finding out I was … [Read more...]

International Delight Iced Coffee Tasting Event

international delight

This past weekend, I hosted an International Delight Iced Coffee Taste Testing Party with my family.  Initially, we planned to have a lot more people at the party, but it seems that sickness has hit our part of the country and we had to reschedule several things due to many being sick. I headed over to Walmart to pick up the iced coffee, it is … [Read more...]

M&M’S Introduces Ms. Brown

ms. brown

Do you all enjoy each of the characters of M&M'S, well guess who is getting their own personality?  Ms. Brown! That's right, Ms. Brown is coming, she is going to debut during the Super Bowl supposedly the 1st quarter commercials.  I have to say M&M'S are on the top of my favorite candy list, not only because they are delicious, but … [Read more...]

Customized Meal Plans


Throughout the month of September, I will be introducing new products and services related to Menu Planning. I am already offering one of those services now, which is the Customized Meal Plan. Do you have a dietary need that means that you need specific recipes, but you do not have the time to spend looking for them?  I can … [Read more...]