Cheesy Asparagus & Peas I Mommy Hates Cooking

Steak & Veggie Skillet

Steak & Veggie Skillet

As the garden is bursting with produce it's time for easy pantry meals that use up what we have in the garden.  That is exactly how this meal came about. It could likely be a stir fry, which it basically is; however, I left this light and up for lots of creativity and adaptation! My husband keeps coming in with more produce which has … [Read more...]

Gardening Update & Steven’s Tip of the Week


Here is a tip...squash bugs.  They aren't good!  We have some squash bugs just feasting away at our squash.  We finally had to invest in some safe pest control to keep those pesky bugs out!  We lost several squash this past week because of them; however, we still had some more garden goodies come in! Another tip, it seems simple and common … [Read more...]

Steven’s Tip of the Week & Gardening Update

Gardening Tip

This week I'm sharing a little tip plus a tour around our garden! This week's tip:  Put a Fence Around It! That's right, if you have a pest problem, try building a small fence around the garden.  All you need is a few t-post some fencing or chicken wire and some string.  Just wrap the fencing around the planted t-post and then use the … [Read more...]

Gardening: Steven’s Tip of the Week

Gardening Tip

This week Steven's tip of the week is all about W-E-E-D-S! Those pesky creatures that seem to take over my entire yard right as spring comes! Why is it so important to keep your garden weeded?  Well, first off you are trying to grow produce not weeds!  So, as you water the garden if you have a lot of weeds you are feeding the weeds … [Read more...]

Gardening: Herbs & The Garden Box

garden box

A few weeks back we showed you how we were making an easy garden box and how you can do the same! Our garden box turned out really well simply by using some scrap wood.  The only problem was I wanted it to look somewhat pretty and colorful. I have been on this yellow kick lately, so we had some leftover yellow paint that I decided to use to … [Read more...]