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Rainbow Sherbet Punch

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are recovering from Black Friday sales!  Of course, maybe you are still out in the madness, I’ll just pass on that…thanks!  I stick to my online ordering and it keeps my sanity intact.

Now let’s talk punch today, and no I don’t mean the way you felt when someone grabbed that beloved electronic that you were trying to get to this morning…the delicious, sugary kind of punch!

Did you know I have a great post that features all sorts of Punch recipes?  If not, go check it out!  I realized after all these years, I never added my own punch recipe to the list.

We grew up on this punch which likely has been made over and over again maybe by your family even.  My grandma would make this every year for all of our holiday parties.  We knew that we could count on goop and punch each year for Christmas Eve.

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

As my grandma has grown older, my sister and I have now taken over punch duty.  My grandma though calls us every year to be sure we will have the punch for Christmas Eve and we always do!

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

All you need for this punch is equal parts Hawaiian Punch and Sierra Mist and/or Sprite, then a tub of Rainbow Sherbet.  I simply pour both of the liquids into the punch bowl then add enough rainbow sherbet to cover the top.  I love that the liquid gives it a nice foamy look on top.

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

It’s delicious and I could drink it all by myself!  That is likely why we only have it on special occasions!

Rainbow Sherbet Punch


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  1. This is so pretty!!! Love it!

  2. Love it! I make something similar, but I use Minute Maid Fruit Punch and usually use Dt. Sprite/Sierra Mist/7-Up. I use Rainbow Sherbert or Raspberry Sherbert. Either way I get rave reviews about it! With the sugar in the punch and sherbert no one notices that the pop is diet and though not sugar-free it helps cut the sugar for those who are diabetics.

  3. Very pretty! This is basically the same recipe my mom always made. She used Hawaiian Punch, Ginger ale and Lime Sherbet. If she couldn’t get lime, then she’d use Rainbow. It was always gone in minutes. I bet it tastes very similar to yours.


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