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{Decades of Desserts} Crumb Top Banana Cake

Crumb Top Banana Cake

Finally it’s here!  I have been trying for the last few years actually to get this series up on the blog, which I plan to call “Decades of Desserts.”  Each week, I am going to share a new recipe from my great great aunt’s recipe collection.  I was blessed with her recipe collection shortly after I started this blog, but I have struggled to find the time to go through them all!

Aunt Linnie

It’s time though!  A few of the ones you’ll recognize that I have already shared are the popular Strawberry Bread and my Gluten Free Strawberry Bread, Banana Mocha Cake, and adaption of the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies!  These are some of the most viewed desserts on the blog and for good reason…they are delicious!

So far, I have successfully been able to convert all her recipes to gluten free that I have tried up to this point with a simple switch of flours using the gluten free all purpose flour.  I’m hoping that continues because it just makes baking so much easier!

Today, I’m going to share with you her recipe that was clipped out of from what I can tell a newspaper from the 80′s.  Her collection consists of a variety of dates through all the decades from the early to mid 1900′s up to the late 80′s and early 90′s.  This one is from the Capper’s Weekly and was published in 1986.

Let me just add this in…1986 was not all that long ago, can you believe how far technology has come in that short amount of time?  Back then there was no such thing as a recipe blog, recipes were shared at church or clipped from papers and magazines, plus cookbooks were flying off the shelves!  It just blows my mind to think of how just that short time ago having all this technology seemed impossible!

Crumb Top Banana Cake

Now, back to the delicious Crumb Top Banana Cake!  In the original recipe it says this can be made into bars for breakfast or paired with ice cream as a dessert.  I think to me it tasted a lot like a bread pudding and would taste the best paired with ice cream.  I think it would make a great coffee cake though too paired with a warm mug of coffee in the morning!

Crumb Top Banana Cake

Enjoy this delicious Banana Cake and stay tuned for another dessert next Wednesday!

Happy Dessert Day!

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