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#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal


#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias from @MomHatesCooking

In the past, I was using more ground chicken in our meals instead of ground beef, primarily for health reasons.  Then, when I was grocery shopping I could rarely find it at the store, and slowly but surely I started slacking on my ground chicken purchases and going back to ground beef.

Turns out that ground chicken needs to be my ‘regular’ instead of ground beef since I have issues with cholesterol.  Seriously it’s just not fair to have high cholesterol when you eat healthy…ugh stinking genetics!

#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias

So, as I was venturing out on my latest grocery store trip, I found ground chicken at Walmart!  Even better…it was cheaper than the ground beef!  That’s a win in my book!

I decided that for dinner, I really wanted a comfort type meal.  I’m not sure why when I think of comfort meals I think of pasta but it’s filling!  I love that I can make a casserole style meal with some pasta and have enough to feed a large family or feed my family multiple times over!

#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias

This dish easily could feed at least 10!  We have enough to last us a week, but I’m sure I’ll be eating it for lunch and dinner, so maybe not quite that long.  I also enjoy adding a Mexican twist to give it a little spice…not too much of course but just enough!

#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #Cbias

I added a little taco seasoning to our ground chicken, then I mixed those into the noodles along with a few other ingredients and assembled my layered casserole!  The chicken is delicious and honestly I can’t even tell the difference between it and the ground beef.  My husband and I loved the taste and the texture of this ground chicken.

#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias

This is a great dish for a pot luck too since it has lots of servings.  As we head back to school this week, I’m so happy that I made this because it also gave me a night off from cooking and allowed us to focus on all the back to school fun activities!

#Ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias

For this recipe, I adapted my Mexican Lasagna.  I knew that since the lasagna was a hit this would be too and it sure was!  We paired it with a side salad for the perfect dinner!

#ad Mexican Chicken Macaroni Bake #CreateAMeal #cbias

Now, I’m hungry!  Are you?

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  1. GORGEOUS! OMG! I can’t wait to try this!

  2. Kristy oh my that looks so good. My family would love this!

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