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Steven’s Gardening Top 10 Essentials

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Last month, I shared with you our Grilling Top 10 Essentials, and this month we are going to share Steven’s Gardening Top 10!

First off, these are not the only things you need to have a garden nor do you necessarily have to have them!

I ask my husband if he was talking to someone that was starting a garden and they ask “What are a few things I need to start?”, what would you tell them?


He came up with a list and actually he had to really think about it because he could not even think of 10, even though he tells me on a regular basis something else he needs for his garden.

This past week, he got a new tiller for the garden that is smaller and easy to get in between the plants.  He fell in love with that and it was definitely on the list!

Steven’s Gardening Top 10 Essentials

1. Plants  – That is a given, right?

2. Hoe - It’s necessary if you want to get the dirt broken up really well.

3. Tiller – This is my husband’s new favorite and on his list now.  It is much easier and fast to till up the dirt, plus if you get a smaller one, you can get in the hard to reach areas or underneath the plants.

4. Guide Book on Plants – If you are just starting out getting a book about plants or checking one out at the library would be useful so that you know what will work well in your garden.

5. Plant Cages – These would be like tomato cages to keep those plants in the right place and allow them to vine up in the garden instead of taking over your garden!

6. Fertilizer - This is a must have to keep those plants healthy and growing.

7.  Water Hose – You’ll be watering a lot if you live in places like we do that have very dry, hot summers!  He would suggest getting a good quality hose and be sure it reaches far enough in your garden.

8. Sprinkler – Sprinklers are needed too because many times gardens need ongoing watering, not just for a few minutes each day.  Yes, sometimes those water bills go up during gardening months!

9. Farmers Almanac – My husband highly recommends the Farmers Almanac to give you details on your plants you choose as well as when to plant, how to treat them, and many other details you need.

10.  Patience – Lastly, and most importantly he suggest having a ton of patience!  Once you plant, it takes lots of time and nurturing to see real growth!  Sometimes certain crops just don’t work and sometimes they do!


What would you add?

Now, let us know, what would you add to this list?  Are you a gardener?  What have you found that you really can’t live without?

Share it with us!

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  1. elvaposted July 27, 2013 at 12:38 am

    shovel, gloves, rake, knee pad


  2. Caroline Murphyposted March 11, 2014 at 9:42 am

    The excitement from the eyes of my two daughters who LOVE to garden!


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