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Taco Burgers

Taco Burger

Are you ready for summer?

Summer means lots of burgers with all that grilling!  Sometimes though a plain ol’ burger just isn’t any fun!  Am I right?

I love hamburgers so we grill them a lot.  We’ve tried a variety like these Cowboy Burgers, Corn Salsa Burgers, and Bruschetta Burgers.

All of which are super tasty, but we decided to try another style this past week.

First though let me go on my tangent…anyone wonder why it is more acceptable to put relish on a hot dog but not on a hamburger?

Typically pickles always go on a hamburger right?  Lately though I’ve decided relish makes much more sense because it can spread on it just like ketchup, mustard, or mayo.  The pickles always fall of and in my opinion…my pickle loving opinion if you are going to have something with pickles on the burger they need to stay on!

I’m sure you all feel you have some valuable information right there…don’t you?  Now, you all will go try relish on your burgers then you’ll agree…it just makes more sense!

I’ll stick to eating my pickles straight out of the jar.

Okay back to the program, moving on from pickles!

Taco Burger

My husband and I decided to transform our boring burger into a delicious taco burger by adding some Restaurant Style Salsa to it!

We added lots of taco seasoning to the patty to give it some zest then topped it with cheese, rice, and salsa!  This all on a bun or wrapped in lettuce makes the perfect burger!

Taco Burger

Happy Hamburger Eating!

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