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Grilled Steak Marsala

Grilled Steak Marsala

Want to know a secret?  Or maybe not a secret.  I LOVE steak!  I am a steak girl, I could eat it all the time.  I’m not kidding, growing up my dad and I were the steak lovers in our family.

Of course…I’ve learned a lot about steak since my time learning to cook.  My mom used to buy super thin steaks and would just grill them or oven cook them with very little seasoning.  Now, I like to buy thick cut steaks and then I am all about the seasonings and marinades, making those steaks just melt right in my mouth.

This steak…it didn’t disappoint!

Grilled Steak Marsala

I marinaded this steak for several hours in Marsala Cooking Wine with Rosemary, parsley, and garlic…the result?  Perfection!

Grilled Steak Marsala

That looks amazing, right?  It was.  Our dog thought so too…she was eying it the entire time it was on the grill.  Then, she tried to eat it off my plate.

No worries, I gave her a few bites!

Grilled Steak Marsala

While the steak was grilling, we used the side burner to saute some mushroom in butter.  I’m not a huge mushroom eater, really not at all but my husband could eat them like candy.  These…were all for him!

Grilled Steak Marsala

That friends…is grilled steak marsala perfection!

Grilled Steak Marsala

Enjoy this beautiful, tasty steak!

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  1. Oh my, this looks so delicious!!! I am a steak lover too, and mushrooms are always welcome on my plate. Thanks for the grilling inspiration, yum!!

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