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Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

You know those days when you just really want a cake?  A very big chocolate cake all to yourself?

Well, I had one of those days recently!  I also had a carton of heavy whipping cream in my fridge and a whole lot of strawberries.

Then, I opened the pantry and the box of chocolate cake mix just jumped right off the shelf.  No joke…it was speaking to me.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

What could be better than chocolate cake, miles of whipped cream, and strawberries?  Nothing, friends.  Nothing.  It did not matter if it was not the most beautiful cake, it was delicious.

So delicious that I stuck the cake in the fridge and left a fork in it.  I grazed it for 2 days along with my husband and it was gone.

That is why I don’t bake cakes often or sweets…I can eat them.  All by myself!

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

I learned something while I made this cake…you can never have enough whipped cream.  Slather that cake with lots of whipped cream, you will have plenty so just keep on slathering…you’ll thank me later.  Your waist line?  It may not thank me, but you will.  That’s what fitness blogs are for, and I’m a food blog.  So, I can talk about slathering whipped cream!

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Do you want a slice?  Make some and I’ll come share it with you!  I also shaved some dark chocolate to top it with too.

I’m not a cake decorator, remember?  So, I cover up my whipped cream with beautiful red strawberries and shaved chocolate.  That makes all things pretty friends.

This cake isn’t meant to be perfectly smoothed, it’s meant to be perfectly full of whipped cream, chocolate, and strawberries…then eaten!

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Ready to share a slice?

I didn’t think so…enjoy that cake all buy yourself!

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