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Grilled Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Do you love a good pizza?  So do I!  For me, I love to make pizza from scratch.  I know exactly what goes in it, plus I can easily make them gluten free which is exactly what I do!

When we made this pizza, I was inspired by this recipe for Quick Pizza Margherita on Cooking Light.  On another note, is it Margherita or Margarita?  They say Margherita on their post, so I went with that…but I always thought Margarita?  Who knows?  Or maybe that’s just the difference in the pizza and the drink and spell check just does not like it!

Back to this pizza!  I decided to do this recipe, but I used the Basic Grilled Pizza technique and grilled it!  It ended up being a delicious treat that did not last long!  We even made 2 of them and still both were gone quickly!

Margherita Pizza

I have been on a limited dairy diet since my daughter was born but have been introducing small amounts back into my diet.  So, in saying that, I went light on the cheese but seriously…it was like heaven.

I miss dairy…and cheese!

Margherita Pizza



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