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Grilled Corn Salsa Brats

Corn Salsa Brats

Now, don’t these look delicious?  If you are ready to start grilling season, these brats may be the perfect dish to share!

I was inspired by these Corn Salsa Burgers, it is essentially the same idea but with brats!  The corn salsa is simple to whip up early that way when your guest arrive they can simply top their brats with it.

I also opted to bypass the typically hot dog bun and get large hoagie rolls.  These were on sale for $1 at our local grocery store and they are fresh baked from the bakery.  I knew that would be a hit for our cookout!  We were able to cut them in half to make even more since they were very large.  That made for a little twist on a traditional hot dog bun, plus the corn salsa gave them a kick of flavor!

We served ours with all the traditional BBQ sides, like beans, potatoes, and okra.  It’s also nice to serve some tortilla chips too in case you have leftover corn salsa to top your chips with!

Hungry yet?  I am!

This first one we made wasn’t as well done as we would of liked, so we grilled the others a little bit longer.  We like ours very well done, but for many this is just perfect!  I like my meats with a little pink in the middle, my husband likes his charred!

How do you like your meat?

Corn Salsa Brats


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