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Building a Garden Herb Box


I feel like this picture should be a ‘caption this’, don’t you think?  It completely cracks me up!

We have been doing a lot in our garden over the last week.  We even had some green onions that we used for dinner in a recipe, they were delicious!

I noticed I also have herbs sprouting in our planters.  That’s my favorite part!


My husband and son love to work in the garden together.  My son says that he’s my husband’s best buddy and he calls it their garden.  I love it…melts my heart!

My son helped him plant some more green beans this week and squash.  We planted spaghetti squash and I sure hope we did it right and that it works!  I seem to be buying them weekly lately!

Garden Box

This week my husband also built me an additional garden box using some scrap wood we had for herbs.  I bought a TON of herbs and ran out of room for them.  We are going to show you the start of our garden box and how we made it.

garden box

My husband also said to note that if you do not feel comfortable using a saw to cut the wood yourself for the box, stores such as Lowes will typically cut the wood for you.  Easy Peasy!

So in a nutshell, all you do is use the drill to put nails in the ends where the wood meets to build your box!

We will flip this around and fasten it to the deck once it’s painted, then it’s time to plant!

I am planning to paint it this week and decorate it because it needs to be cute, right?

Next week, I’ll be taking a break from gardening to share with you about my trip to South Carolina and visit to the Bigelow Tea Plantation.  So, that means in TWO weeks I’ll be sharing with you the final product of how our herb box turned out.

We will also share a tip plus an update on how our garden is coming along.

Let us know, do you have some gardening tips?  Share them with us!  Also, keep us posted on how your garden is coming along!

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  1. Tinaposted May 20, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Great Job Steven!!! I need to get started on my herb garden.


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