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Wildberry Waffles

Wildberry Waffles

During the week, I love to make breakfast!  I am one of those that tries to avoid buying box breakfast foods, although sometimes it just happens.  I have a hard time buying the boxed foods when I can make them myself with what I already have in the pantry.  I always have flour and typically I can easily find something to add to waffles or pancakes and make them delicious!

That’s exactly what happened with these!  I saved myself about $3 by making my own, plus I know what went into them which is also a bonus!

I decided to use some frozen berries that I had in our freezer for these waffles and then use my basic waffle recipe.  These can be made gluten free or regular and they taste delicious!

I like to top ours with syrup, but you can even top them with a little whipped cream!  Yummmmm!  It’s like a fruity morning dessert!

What do you like to serve your waffles or pancakes with?  I have heard many like them with peanut butter…I have never even tried that on pancakes or waffles before!

Wildberry Waffles

Happy Morning Breakfast Eating!

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