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Pepperoni & Spinach Pizza Cups

Pepperoni & Spinach PIzza Cups

Way back when I started this site, one of the first recipes I tried was Pizza Cups!  At the time, my son had just started eating solid foods and these were one of my favorites and his.  Now a few years later, he still enjoys these.

This time though since he refuses to eat veggies I had to sneak some in.  When I made these, I added some fresh spinach to the food processor and chopped it up extra fine to add to the pizza cups.  At first, he ate it and was so excited about it.  Then, I found a half eaten pizza cup because he didn’t want to eat the green stuff.  Figures, right?

Pizza Cups

Well…mommy outsmarted him for now!

The next time he ate one, I told him that it was Batman Juice.  Yes, I know…it makes no sense.  To him though?  He loved it!  He wants to have muscles and be strong like Batman, so he ate it up.  He continued to ask for them for over a week because he wanted his muscles to be big.  He would keep telling me, “Mommy, I just love my Batman Juice.”

I was doing a victory dance inside…the little things!

Pepperoni & Spinach Pizza Cups

Happy Pizza Cup Eating!

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  1. have you only tried fresh spinach? my family is not big on it so I am not sure what I would do with the rest of the bag.

  2. Have you frozen these? I’d like to make a pile of them for school lunches and freeze the ones I don’t need immediately, think it would work?

    • Yes, I make them in big batches then I bake them and toss them in a freezer bag once they are cooled. I usually just heat them in the microwave for about a minute and they taste great!

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