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Poached Egg Chicken Salad with Bacon

poached egg salad

I mentioned these last few weeks that I am working on some different types of salads to eat for lunches throughout the week.  I love that they are quick to toss together and healthy, plus a good way to pack them with protein!

I decided that I would make myself eat eggs and one of the ways that I am really enjoying them are poached then served on top of a salad.  I found this article on WikiHow about poaching eggs to be very helpful if you have never done it before.  I thought it would be hard at first but quickly learned it is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

poached egg chicken salad

The poached egg on top of the salad added additional protein plus it was really delicious!  I am very rarely and egg eater and the fact that I liked this says a lot!  I also added some pre-cooked grilled chicken along with sunflower nuts and bacon.

I always use Hormel Bacon Bits or Shredded Bacon on just about every salad I make.  It gives it an extra boost of flavor, plus I really love bacon!  I like that I can use the pre-cooked shredded bacon or bacon bits and not have to mess with cooking it from scratch when I’m in a hurry.

I have lettuce now reoccurring on my menu plan to continue creating salads like this for lunch and a variety of others I’ll be sharing more soon!  This one really needs no recipe since it is versatile based on your preference; however, I have added it to Ziplist for those that use it for grocery list.


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