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Cilantro Lime Rice with Black Bean Tacos

cilantro lime rice

I have really been getting into the meatless meals primarily with black beans.  I like very few varieties of beans but black beans are at the top of my list of likes!

A few of my friends recently tried these Crunchy Black Bean Tacos and immediately I knew I had to try them!  They are perfect for a pantry meal night and so frugal!  I can make a lot of these for less than $5 and have several for lunch throughout the week.

My husband and I tag teamed and whipped up a batch of these for dinner one night when he was running late and I was busy with a screaming baby.  Through it all we managed to make a batch along with some Cilantro Lime Rice.

I love cilantro lime rice alongside tacos as it gives the perfect mix of flavors!

Can I also just say that I went to a restaurant a while back, it was a fast food Tex Mex chain and on their menu online they said they served Cilantro Lime Rice but when we arrived their side item was tater tots.  Can someone let me know why a Tex Mex place would serve tater tots as a side dish?

That was my random tangent, but I really have been baffled by that one!

Okay now for the rice, it’s simple and perfect for a side item to these wonderful Crunchy Black Bean Tacos.

cilantro lime rice

Enjoy this simple side!  Now…run and make those tacos!

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  1. Joy from Yesterfoodposted February 25, 2013 at 9:13 am

    This is beautiful, and I love how easy it is! I think these may be the hardest recipes to create: easy, fast, AND delicious. Thanks for the link to Macheesmo’s Crunchy Black Bean Tacos, too!


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