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Peppermint Mocha Mallow Squares

peppermint mocha mallow squares

I started off with the idea that I would make an easy chocolate fudge; however, that quickly turned into these Peppermint Mocha Mallow Squares.  They could be called fudge and taste like fudge, but it’s not the same taste of fudge that I am used to that my grandma used to make by the truck load!  So, I decided they are not fudge…although maybe they are.  Confused yet?

Delicious?  Yes!  These are absolutely delicious and approved by my husband and son!

peppermint mocha mallow squares

I know he liked them when he is completely covered in chocolate and in this picture was trying to beg me for another one.  Then, he started grabbing for the plate…he had to be restrained, of course so did I.

peppermint mocha squares

As you make these and mix together the ingredients in the pan it may look like a beautiful disaster; however, do not worry they will turn out perfectly!

peppermint mocha squares

Lots of peppermint candy do the trick after making the plate of ‘fudge’ nice and smooth!  Then, it’s as easy as letting them harden in the fridge!

peppermint mocha mallow squares

Happy Candy Eating!

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