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Chicken Salad Croissants

chicken salad croissants

I thought today I would share these easy Chicken Salad Croissants.  These were also served at the Spa Party I hosted a few weeks back; however, they are a great party food and perfect for holiday parties!  Not only that but it’s so simple to make.

Before I started this site and cooking regularly, I used to buy chicken salad at the store pre-made.  Now, I know just how easy it is to make at home plus making it at home lets you control what goes in it!  That means none of those pesky additives and preservatives you find in the chicken salad at the store.

I typically purchase the croissants at Sam’s Club and you can get a large amount of them under $6!  Plus, they are so big that I cut them in half and double the amount of sandwiches!  To make these I simply use my Dill Chicken Salad recipe then add lettuce and croissants!

chicken salad croissants


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