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Italian Breaded Pork Chops

italian breaded pork chops

One thing I really love about pork chops is how affordable they are!  I picked up a large pack of pork chops for just under $3, that was just about $1 a pound!  I have to say when I can find meat that cheap, I’ll find a great way to serve it!

I decided to bread these pork chops as breaded pork chops are my favorite.  I also decided to use an Italian breading by simply mixing up some of my favorite Italian herbs.  Of course, the top of my list was Rosemary…I can’t help it I think I have a Rosemary addiction!

This was a hit for both my husband and I plus a good way to get kids to eat pork chops too!

italian breaded pork chops

Enjoy this easy and affordable meal!

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