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Holiday Treat: Christmas Cake Batter Cookies

cake batter christmas cookies

Did I mention I am very pregnant?  At this point I’m heading into 37 weeks, so at some point in the holiday season I’ll be having a baby.  In saying that, I’m not sure how many new Christmas cookie recipes I’ll be trying with a newborn in the house.  So, I thought I would jump on the holiday train a little early this year and share a few Christmas cookie favorites before the new baby arrives!

These Christmas Cake Batter Cookies are some of my favorites.  I absolutely love using cake mixes to make cookies.  It gives the perfect combination of crunchy and soft to a cookie.

To make these, I simply used a cake mix and altered the ingredients just a bit to get a nice fluffy cookie.  I used a gluten free cake mix for these; however, you can use just about any cake mix you could find and get the same result!

cake batter christmas cookies

Enjoy this Christmas treat!

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  1. Chrystalposted December 10, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Excited to try these! Thank you!!



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