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Slow Cooker Rosemary Cornish Hens

slow cooker rosemary cornish hens

This past week, I thought I would remake my Slow Cooker Cornish Hen recipe that I posted many moons ago when I first started this website.  At that time, I used some marinades to make them; however, this time I wanted to stick to herbs and spices.

As I was looking for some herbs to put on the hens, I knew that Rosemary was going to be the main focus of it.  I am a lover of rosemary in just about any meal.  I knew this would make the perfect flavor plus make the house smell delicious!

I love making this meal because it seems like it’s a very labor intensive dinner with the fabulous taste and look of the dish; however, really the slow cooker is doing all the work!  This is also a great slow cooker meal that can be prepped the day before.  For instance when I make this I get everything ready the night before then I just put it in the cooker and turn it on before I leave in the morning.

slow cooker cornish hens

Enjoy this delicious dinner!

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